the Quebec duo Mat & Mym towards the grand final

the Quebec duo Mat & Mym towards the grand final
the Quebec duo Mat & Mym towards the grand final

With the largest prize ever offered in Canada for a televised competition on the line, the four judges of Canada’s Got Talent were even more severe for the semi-final of their competition.

Singers, comedians, dancers, magicians: several participants received negative comments, criticized for their predictable artistic choices, too similar to what they presented during their previous audition.

For this round of eliminations, Mat & Mym have decided to raise the bar a notch. How? By increasing the degree of difficulty of their stunts and presenting a completely different “atmosphere” to the judges.

A gamble that paid off for the duo who work, among other things, internationally on the show Bazzar from Cirque du Soleil.


To be together despite their international careers, Myriam Lessard and Mathieu Cloutier founded the duo “Mat et Mym” around roller skate acrobatics. (bERTRAND GUAY)

Still standing on a raised and very narrow platform, the two artists dressed all in white quickly began to spin around. With a rose between her teeth, Myriam Lessard twirled while clinging to her partner with her hands… and sometimes only her feet.

But it was when Mathieu Cloutier blindfolded himself that the judges and the public held their breath: with her head attached to her companion’s neck, Myriam spun around at full speed.

“I couldn’t be more proud of you. This number is proof, in my opinion, that you deserve to win this competition,” said judge Kardinal Offishall, still satisfied with having sent the duo directly to the semi-final thanks to his “golden buzzer”.

Juggling “controlled risk”

In interview at Sun, both athletes agree: stress and adrenaline are part of everyday life when you choose to be an acrobat. However, on stage, worry and doubt have no place.

“When you focus on the danger, you are not focused on the things you have to do so that your performance is not dangerous,” affirms Myriam, who nevertheless says she is aware of the risks that her art entails.

More than all the other couples, Mat and Mym must therefore have almost blind trust in each other so as not to hurt each other during their acts.

“The danger is mostly I who manage it. Mym has to trust me to carry out her actions well, but once she is in the air, it is I who manages the balance, the speed, etc.,” explains Mathieu, originally from Gaspé.

Since the recording of the semi-final of Canada’s Got Talent last December, the duo cooked up their act for the final stage of the competition. A performance that he wishes would be even “crazier”.

“There are things that we have never done, but which have also – I think – never been done. […] We’re going to show off, but we’re also having fun. There are some [acrobaties] that we had wanted to try for several years,” say the two artists, who met at the Quebec circus school several years ago.

By participating in this competition, Mat and Mym wanted to surpass themselves and unleash their creative side. Winning the grand prize of one million dollars would also allow them to settle down a little more at home and, who knows, perhaps develop some circus projects in Quebec… And to hear them discuss, these are not the ideas that are missing!

Some eliminations

Mariya Popovych and her daughter Nikol also faced the four judges of Canada’s Got TalentTuesday evening.

Their drawings created directly on stage, in the sand, however, did not convince the judges to let them move on to the next round. And this, despite a luminous and moving number, carried by the sweet melody of To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra and Patrick Watson.

Despite a powerful voice, young singer Jade Mathieu from Longueuil also did not impress the jury enough to reach the final.

On May 14 from 8 p.m., the power will be in the hands of viewers who will have to vote for their two favorite numbers among the eight official finalists. They will then face each other in a final battle. One of them will then be crowned the big winner of Canada’s Got Talent and will win a million dollars.



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