Booba and La Fouine: the end of the clash

During his long career, we have seen Booba does lots of things: whiskey, watches, classic albums, but also, especially in recent years, clashes. But there’s one thing we see him do very rarely, if ever: reconcile with someone. While we know that the ego of the French rap boss is enormous, it is hard to imagine him putting it aside to bury the hatchet with a former adversary. It’s good though what just happened to La Fouinewho has received messages of support and congratulations from the Duke in recent days.

It is the performance of La Fouine during the 2024 Flames ceremony which earned him congratulations from Booba, even going so far as to say that he was proud of him. This time he went even further, by resharing on Twitter a moment that has become classic in FR rap: a concert by La Fouine and Booba where they perform together their huge banger, “Reste en chien”, released in 2007. A memory of a time when the two rappers were very complicit, before violently clashing in the 2010s.

In a second tweet, Booba also returned to this story of clash, simply stating that it was over for him: “It’s in the past… We’re not going to become the best friends in the world because the clashes were very real but when I see him on Safari with his daughter I tell myself that in the end he deserves a big comeback and mucha plata para su family!!! Piracy is never over”. At 47, has the Duke finally reached the age of reason??



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