Yellowstone: Will Rip and Beth appear in the sequel to the western series? – News Series

Yellowstone: Will Rip and Beth appear in the sequel to the western series? – News Series
Yellowstone: Will Rip and Beth appear in the sequel to the western series? – News Series

After “Yellowstone”, will the interpreters of Rip and Beth be in the casting of the sequel provisionally titled “2024”?

The end of Yellowstone has not yet been filmed, but fans are already eagerly awaiting the continuation of the western series. Tentatively titled 2024 (although it will not be broadcast this year), this new production is supposed to feature Matthew McConaughey in the lead role, as well as a cast entirely made up of new characters.

But it seems that the creator of the series Taylor Sheridan was finally convinced to bring back some heroes of Yellowstone, and in particular the emblematic duo formed by Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). Their participation in the series will nevertheless depend on the outcome of the negotiations initiated with production to increase their salaries.

After Yellowstone is not yet decided

No filming date has been made official, although a resumption as early as this month of May has been mentioned by several American media. An actor in the series has already announced that this finale will be “the best ending in the history of the series”while Taylor Sheridan revealed that no episode count has been set by Paramount+.

During an interview given to our colleagues from Country LivingCole Hauser did not wish to comment on the rumors of a possible participation in the 2024 series. The latter revealed that he was currently only focused on filming the last episodes of Yellowstone, and expressed his wish to “give your best and finish in the best possible way.”

However, the American actor has not closed the door to an appearance in the spin-off, quite the contrary. “We’ll see where this goes. I know there are still ideas in Taylor’s head about Kelly Reilly and myself, as well as other members of the cast.” he declared, adding that he was “excited” to see where these ideas could lead from a creative point of view.

Beware of rumors, says Kelly Reilly

Same story with Beth’s interpreter, as for her questioned by Radio Times. “Only interested in the end of the main series”the English actress nevertheless half-heartedly denied the rumors of disagreements with the production, encouraging fans of the series on this subject “not to believe everything that is written in the press.”

Like Kevin Costner, ready to reconcile with Taylor Sheridan, Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly seem ready to make a long-term commitment to the world of Yellowstone. We will still have to wait for the broadcast of the final episodes of the western series, the broadcast of which announced for the end of the year seems more and more hypothetical…

All productions derived from the Yellowstone franchise can now be found exclusively on Paramount+.

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