Why is the commission of inquiry into television frequencies not issuing its report?

Why is the commission of inquiry into television frequencies not issuing its report?
Why is the commission of inquiry into television frequencies not issuing its report?

He says he doesn’t see the connection. The commission of inquiry into TV frequencies should have submitted this Tuesday, May 7, but there is a blockage between deputies on the conclusions. The deputies of the presidential majority thus requested the withdrawal of proposals from the elected LFI Aurélien Saintoul, an “attempt at censorship” according to him.

The members of the commission of inquiry must decide late Tuesday afternoon, behind closed doors, on the publication or not of the report. For the record, this commission was studying the question of channel control, that of strengthening sanctions in the event of non-compliance with their obligations, and again that of pluralism.

Six months of auditions

Initiated by LFI, the commission has heard over the last six months the audiovisual regulator, Arcom, the bosses of numerous public and private channels, as well as star presenters from C8 and CNews such as Cyril Hanouna and Pascal Praud.

Of the 47 proposals contained in the report, the deputies of the presidential majority allied to the LR requested the withdrawal of 19 on Monday evening.

According to corroborating sources, confirming information from -, this concerns in particular the elimination of the paid DTT model, the establishment of a fee paid by the channels in exchange for a frequency, and again the renunciation of columnists on news channels as well as before-school youth programs.

A very political report

Proposals are considered off-topic by the presidential camp, such as abandoning the holding project for public broadcasting. “This taints the report,” a Renaissance member of the commission told AFP, who rejects any blackmail and says she is ready for discussion.

In the eyes of the elected LFI, “the Macronists are looking for a pretext to bury the report, which contains damning elements with regard to the Canal+ group” and its channels CNews and C8, in the bosom of the renowned conservative billionaire Vincent Bolloré.

“It is clearly an attempted coup, an attempt at censorship in the service of their friend Bolloré,” he denounced to AFP.

Close C8 and CNews?

Aurélien Saintoul also plans two reports to the courts, after study of documents and hearings of channel managers, he indicated without further details. The MP carried out a “documentary and on-site inspection” at Canal+, as authorized by his role as rapporteur of the commission of inquiry. He himself wants the authorizations of CNews and C8 on TNT not to be renewed.

The president of the commission Quentin Bataillon (Renaissance), who could not be reached on Tuesday, had initially planned to append his own proposals to the report, all to be published on May 14.

The RN group has already planned to vote against.

A buried report?

If the report is not adopted Tuesday evening, it will be archived without being made public – the case is exceptional, the latest to suffer this fate is that of the commission of inquiry into the financing of trade union organizations in 2011.

“Authorizing the publication of an investigation report must be the rule,” Christine Pires Beaune, spokesperson for the Socialist deputies, told the press, while emphasizing that the proposals “only commit the rapporteur. »



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