Cyril Hanouna pays for the casting of the show and …

Cyril Hanouna pays for the casting of the show and …
Cyril Hanouna pays for the casting of the show and …

Monday May 6, 2024, Cyril Hanouna presented a new issue of Touche pas à mon poste on C8. A few days after the launch of the sixth season of Mask Singer, the host paid for the casting of the show broadcast on TF1.

Friday May 3, 2024, TF1 launched the sixth season of Mask Singer, revealing Jacques Legros and Chantal Goya in the hamster and popcorn costumes respectively.

Cyril Hanouna, on the set of Touche pas à mon poste, criticized the show for its lack of big stars, mocking the idea that celebrities like Bradley Cooper would take part.

Cyril Hanouna also revealed behind the scenes of the selection of participants, highlighting the contrast between initial expectations and the celebrities ultimately chosen, while suggesting a more child-friendly approach.

Friday May 3, 2024, TF1 broadcast the first episode of the sixth season of Mask Singer. A few days later, on the set of Touche pas à mon poste, on C8, Cyril Hanouna assured that he didn’t understand this show. While Jacques Legros was unmasked in the hamster costume and Chantal Goya in that of the popcorn, the host deplored the absence of big stars in Mask Singer.

On the set, Cyril Hanouna broadcast an extract from the show where we can hear Camille Combal exclaiming: “Oh Jacques Legros, but it’s a crazy surprise!”. Caught in a fit of laughter, the C8 star blurted out: “I think that half of the jury, if not three-quarters… I think that it was only Laurent Ruquier who recognized him. Initially, they must have said to themselves: ‘But who is it ? Who is this guy?’ (…) And there in the earpiece: ‘Camille, it’s Jacques Legros'”.

Gilles Verdez: “I had a moment of doubt, quite frankly!”

Amused, it was then that the jury had proposed the name of Bradley Cooper that Cyril Hanouna declared: I love when they say Bradley Cooper. Bro, do you really think Bradley Cooper really cares? He’s going to take the plane, he’s going to put on a suit and he’s going to sing Brunettes don’t count for plums… No, but guys!”.

For his part, Gilles Verdez said: “When we saw Jacques Legros’ face, I had a moment of doubt, quite frankly! I said to myself: ‘Who is he? Oh yes, it’s Jacques Legros’. So it’s not going at all like first eliminated, It brings the season down!. So, Cyril Hanouna replied: “The problem is having gone from Bradley Cooper to Jacques Legros!”.

Cyril Hanouna: “They have a list at the start…”

In complete transparency, the host explained that the production had a list of personalities and that it was gradually crossing off the names of people who were not interested. “At first, José Garcia, no, on the other hand Philippe Garcia, The baker. Not bad, he’s a little known in his street, he’s starting to create a bit of a buzz. ‘Who else do you have? Jean Dujardin ?’. ‘No, on the other hand, we have Patrick Lafougère, not bad either.’he laughed before letting go: “It’s like me, initially I wanted Bernard Tapie, I ended up with Bernard Montiel!”.

According to Valérie Bénaïmthis show is made for children, who “like playing investigators”. “At that point, play the game in personalities and take, for example, Mickey’s Diary with the kids’ favorite personalities, and put in the people that the kids like!”she estimated.



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