Leonard harassed by Cardone, Laetitia drugged and Kelly trapped by Lenglart – Here it all begins May 13, 2024 (episode 923 – full ITC summary)

Teyssier wants Kelly to move otherwise she will lose everything

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Everything you need to know about episode 923 of Here it all begins from May 13, 2024, all the complete points in relation to the intrigues.

Lenglart ITCLenglart ITC

Lenglart relishes the fact that Kelly is absent at the start of the event

Kelly in difficulty at the Coupe de France

Zacharie tells Kelly that Laetitia didn’t come home all night and her car isn’t there. Laetitia does not answer the phone. Landiras is worried.
The start of the tests will take place without Kelly, she goes to look for Lionel in the city.

delobel itcdelobel itc

Benoit Delobel is sorry to start the competition despite the absence of Kelly

Kelly finds Laetitia in the car, she has gone to a nightclub. Laetitia has a black hole, she no longer remembers anything. Kelly goes back to the Palais des Congrès for the test and Lionel takes care of Laetitia. She slept in the car and she hurts everywhere.
Delobel gives the result of the 1st event: Lenglart is first, Jasmine is second and Kelly came 5th.
Teyssier lectures Kelly, he tells her that she is gambling with her life: he wants to see that in her kitchen.
Laetitia has no memory except a cocktail: she says she should do a blood test. Kelly doesn’t take her seriously.

cardone ITCcardone ITC

Cardone and Leonardo: revenge for Ethan

Lenglart tells Kelly that she is going to be shocked why Rosset fired Laetitia.

Landiras ITCLandiras ITC

Landiras is worried about Laetitia

Resistance is organized against Cardone

Cardone is intractable with Leonard and his 300 appetizers: she finds him not very rigorous about his weights. She wants him to redo everything. Leonard is exhausted, he only slept 3 hours. Billie defends Leonard.

Laetitia ITCLaetitia ITC

Laetitia is found, she thinks she was drugged

Cardone doesn’t like slackers like Leonard: she’s angry with him because he goes surfing with Ethan. She won’t hesitate to screw it up and she can be very creative.
Bérénice has the impression that the institute has fallen into terror. Billie thinks that Cardone’s fault must be found. She declares the resistance club open with Léonard and Bérénice.

Leonard ITCLeonard ITC

Leonardo fell asleep at home

Jude gets his revenge

Mattéo’s rugby friends are coming to lunch at Léonine’s, Jude is going to do the “poker face”…and not make any friendly gesture. Soan is heavy, as usual: he finds the plates not full enough. Matteo decides to put back the dartboard to please him. Jude agrees to face Soan: if Jude loses, he pays the bill and if Soan loses, all of Mattéo’s friends do the washing up and cleaning at the restaurant. Jude is the big winner.

Jude ITCJude ITC

Jude wins brilliantly at darts

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