A candidate from the “Grand Chantier Rona” is the target of virulent criticism

A candidate from the “Grand Chantier Rona” is the target of virulent criticism
A candidate from the “Grand Chantier Rona” is the target of virulent criticism

One of the most popular spring shows is definitely The big Rona construction site which, from Monday to Thursday, distills episodes filled with twists and turns and freshly renovated rooms. However, like other competitions of the kind, during which it is usually the judges who decide which candidates are in danger of elimination, that of Noovo leaves it to the candidates to choose the next ones to be ousted.

We are thus treated to alliances and betrayals among the candidates, therefore adding spice to reality TV. However, as we spoke to you recently, this also gives rise to particular situations within the Blues team, where the most proactive on the site seem to be those who leave prematurely. A vicious circle is then created where the famous golden hammers are given to the opposing team.

However, last Thursday, it was the blue team who were able to triumph by finishing with more skill the bathroom in the basement and the room under the stairs. Maxime being in danger among the Reds, he therefore thought he would be eliminated. However, Chloé among the Blues caused a surprise by announcing that it would rather be a member of her own team, Charles, who would become the next ousted from the adventure.

Following this controversial elimination, viewers have not been kind to Élodie, who seems to be behind all the shenanigans orchestrated before our eyes. The latter expressed their dismay towards him, on the show’s Facebook page:

  • The blues are playing so badly, nothing to understand. I hate Élodie’s strategy and attitude, she should have left a long time ago! »
  • Élodie who feels bad, who cries, who schemes, at some point you have to take responsibility for your decisions! »
  • I hope that a member of the red team will win the house, because the blue team really don’t deserve to win, especially not Élodie. »
  • Élodie manipulates everyone and they all participated in her shenanigans (even Charles)… and now they are going to pay one after the other… they should have woken up a few weeks ago…. at least let her work alone… oh! It’s true, she’s not capable…. It’s even complicated with the paint, she doesn’t know if she gave 1 or 2 coats! »
  • Well yes, poor Charles who suffers from the bad strategy of Élodie and Chloé… »

One thing is certain, this major project led by Marie-Lyne Joncas has not finished showing us all the colors! This week will also be the last before the arrival of the candidates’ spouses. Who will emerge victorious and win a completely renovated $700,000 home?

The Le grand construction Rona competition is broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 p.m. on Noovo.



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