his idyllic house facing the sea of ​​Cap Ferret

his idyllic house facing the sea of ​​Cap Ferret
his idyllic house facing the sea of ​​Cap Ferret

In September 2023, Calogero released a new album, entitled AMOUR, more than 3 years of absence. Since then, the singer has been traveling the roads of to share his music with his fans. On this occasion, we invite you to discover one of the places from which the artist draws his inspiration. For several years, Calogero has taken up residence in a magnificent residence in Cap Ferret, where the marine horizon stretches as far as the eye can see. Discovery.

Calogero found refuge in the heart of the sumptuous setting of Cap Ferret

It is a place dear to the heart of Calogero that he revealed to our colleagues at Parisian in 2020. After having a real crush “thanks to friends”the singer invested in a “set of four chalets” in pine located in Cap Ferret. “There is an end-of-the-world feel, a mix of tranquility and discretion that suits me very well. It’s family-friendly, friendly, natural and reassuring for children. As someone who doesn’t sleep easily, this is the place where I sleep best.”he said.

It was alongside his ex-partner Marie Bastide, also a singer, that Calogero chose to build their second home. And since then, the artist has come to spend time there with his family whenever he could. But not only…

Calogero: a house in Cap Ferret that is stunning

Indeed, even if “it’s a house designed to accommodate people”, Calogero likes to be there alone to work. In one of the many rooms that make up this holiday home, the singer established a music studio. Her name ? Ronipiri, in tribute to his four children: Romy, Nina, Pio and Rita.

“I need light to work. This is also the case in my other studio, in Boulogne, where I have more space and equipment. Here, I recorded my bass, my vocals, did some mixing. With these two studios, I can make an entire album independently, apart from the orchestras obviously. At 49, I’m realizing a musician’s dream, a childhood dream “, he detailed. And if the space is modest, Calogero has still obtained quality devices such as the speakers designed by Jean Nouvel. “This amp was Roger Waters’s on the album “The Wall”. I don’t have much value, but I broke down and bought it at an auction in London. It is certified,” he also indicates.

Calogero recharges his batteries far from the hustle and bustle of

And when Calogero is not locked away in his Cap Ferret studio, the artist relaxes in the idyllic environment of the village. “The day at the beach is not for me. I’m more into bike rides. And I play sports,” he explains in the columns of Parisian.

In addition to these outdoor activities, Calogero also takes advantage of its incredible cuisine to prepare delicious meals for the whole family.



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