At “Quotidien”, the courageous words of Isild Le Besco

At “Quotidien”, the courageous words of Isild Le Besco
At “Quotidien”, the courageous words of Isild Le Besco

The actress, who published a book in which she mentions in particular the influence that Benoît Jacquot would have exercised over her, spoke Thursday evening in her name and for “those who do not speak”.

Isild Le Besco on the set of “Quotidien”, on TMC, Thursday May 2.

Isild Le Besco on the set of “Quotidien”, on TMC, Thursday May 2. TMC screenshot

By Lucas Armati

Published on May 3, 2024 at 2:52 p.m.

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EShe takes her breath, nervously, and plunges into the media arena, to the applause of the public. Thursday May 2, actress Isild Le Besco was the guest of Daily, on TMC, to talk about his book Say true (ed. Denoël), an autobiography which looks back on her childhood, her toxic relationship with the father of her children and the influence she says she suffered from the filmmaker Benoît Jacquot, with whom she shot several films (Sade, The Untouchable…). For fifteen minutes, his moving story will impose silence on the set.

“I am a place of abuse”, she said, recalling, sometimes in a broken manner, her “fragility”, his childhood with parents incapable of being “pillars” and who have never “learned to set limits”, her young age when she met Jacquot (she was 16, he was 52), her belief at the time that “for art, we [avait] all the rights “. In front of a stunned audience, she recounts how the filmmaker, who wanted to convince her to shoot an erotic scene, gave her his bank card so that she could buy whatever she wanted – she would take sweets and biscuits from the supermarket. She then gives in to his request. Will file a complaint against him for theft.

Faced with Yann Barthès and Jean-Michel Aphatie, who seem not to understand the systemic nature of violence against women, she repeats: “It’s very banal. My childhood friends, my neighbors […] have all, at least once in their lives, met someone who wanted to take control over them. » She adds : “More than me and my story, I am here to talk about women, those who do not speak, those who are not white, those who do not live in France. » And finally specifies that he does not want to file a complaint, not having confidence in the real evolution of the judicial institution, beyond a few media cases.

On April 20, his sister Maïwenn, who had a relationship with Luc Besson when she was a minor, and with whom contact had broken off, declared to the British daily The Independent : “We have nothing to do with each other. I don’t want to be associated with her. » Today, we want to reassure Isild Le Besco: through her humanity, we all have something to do with her.



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