Lorie Pester very close to an actor: “He actually has his room at my house”

Lorie Pester very close to an actor: “He actually has his room at my house”
Lorie Pester very close to an actor: “He actually has his room at my house”

With her twenty-four year career, Lorie Pester is an iconic personality in France. It was at the age of fifteen that she became the favorite artist of an entire generation of children and adolescents. Today, the singer of the hit I will be (ta best friend) has grown up and is celebrating her 42nd birthday.

And it’s not just in music that she excels. In 2008, Lorie began her career as an actress, playing a young figure skater in the television film Of fire and ice. A world that she knows like the back of her hand, since she herself skated throughout her childhood.

Several other roles followed on the small screen, notably in Joséphine, guardian angelalongside Mimie Mathy, but above all in the daily phenomenon of TF1 : Tomorrow belongs to us, where she plays Lucie Salducci, from seasons 1 to 4. She shares the screen alongside the man who, over time, has become one of her confidants.

“A protective big brother”

Have you guessed which actor we’re talking about? This is Samy Gharbi, who plays police officer Karim Saeed, in the hit soap opera. Interviewed by our colleagues from 7 Days TVSamy and Lorie confided: “Lucie and Karim look a bit like us. When one is not doing well, he can count on the other. We have the same relationship in life“.

But it’s not on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us that the two actors met. It dates back to 2016, when they starred in the TV movie Murders in Grasse. Samy Gharbi played Lorie Pester’s little brother. A link that they kept in real life, as Nina’s mother – whose father is her discreet companion Yann Dernaucourt – confided in this interview which dates from 2009: “CHe’s my brother, he has his own room at my house.”

Today, this famous room has undoubtedly found another tenant, but the friendship is still intact. Moreover, when Lorie left the series Tomorrow belongs to usSamy had burst into tears.

Lorie and Samy, almost ten years of friendship

Although Lorie is no longer in the casting of the daily TF1, she nonetheless retains memorable memories spent with her comrades. During an interview for Tele-Leisurethe artist who is celebrating his 42nd birthday today recounted the hazing that Samy and Mayel Elhajaoui, who plays George Caron in the series, had in store for him.

Lorie said: “One day, they made a big deal out of me by refusing to wear a pair of gloves, as instructed in the script. I didn’t know how to convince them anymore, especially since it was really ridiculous! Until they burst out laughing and I realized they were leading me on. A memory engraved in his memory.



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