his wife Soraya makes a radical decision regarding their daughter Eva Alba

Kendji Girac found himself at the heart of the media storm after shooting himself in the chest during a romantic argument with his wife Soraya. Following the declaration of the public prosecutor of Mont-de Marsan, his entire private life was revealed in public. An untenable situation for the singer’s wife who made a strong decision for her and her daughter.

The singer is currently recovering and remains discreet in the media. While he was to participate in the 77th edition of the famous Cannes Film Festival, it is now accepted that Kendji Girac will not be able to join Eva Longoria for the traditional Global Gala Gift, an event which aims to raise funds for women and children around the world.

Kendji Girac and Soraya: a couple in turmoil

During her questioning with investigators, the young woman opened up at length about the couple’s problems. She detailed that she found it increasingly difficult to tolerate the singer’s substance abuse, addicted to alcohol and cocaine. “Soraya describes Kendji as being subjected to increasingly long beatings which could last up to 48 hours or he did anything. On the other hand, he was never violent towards her or his daughter”revealed the public prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan last week.

This umpteenth argument could seal the fate of a couple who have been struggling for some time. “Tensions arose due to an emerging addiction to alcohol, a subject which generated great tensions in the couple », explained Olivier Janson. The fake suicide to scare his partner, who no longer tolerated his excesses, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

photo credit: TF1 The singer’s addictions at the origin of their frequent arguments.

Kendji Girac’s wife left for Switzerland

The singer’s wife revealed by the show The Voice made a radical decision the very morning of their argument. ” She is in deep anger », declared a close friend of Kendji Girac to Paris Match. “She didn’t want to come see him in the hospital because she couldn’t stand his actions and found him irresponsible, endangering their daughter’s life. »

Their frequent arguments had already led the young woman to want to leave the singer. A ” threat ” which is at the origin of the incident of April 22, and which it has now carried out. Sorayaand their 3 year old granddaughter, Eva Albawould have left the Biscarrosse camp, the very morning of the tragedy, to return to Switzerlandwhere she comes from. “I don’t think she wants, for the moment, to have an explanation with him”confides the same Source in Paris Match.

photo credit: TF1 Soraya, wife of Kendji Girac, refuses to visit him in the hospital.

Kendji Girac and Soraya disagree over their daughter’s education

Conflicts between the star and his wife have therefore existed for several months, but also relate to the education to give to their daughter. From the day she was born, Soraya Miranda, who is not part of the Traveler community, had been firm: their daughter should not lead a nomadic life, and should therefore follow her schooling in a sedentary manner.

Kendji Girac with his guitar

photo credit: TF1 Kendji Girac and his wife, unable to come to an agreement.

The little Eva Alba had to start his schooling in September 2024, like all children his age. And as this fateful stage approached, Kendji Girac seemed to lose hope of convincing his wife to give their daughter the life he himself had known.“I imagine how torn he must be between what this job demands and his desire for absolute freedom. And what it must be like when it comes to your daughter.”confides a former employee of TF1 to Paris Match.



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