Drake tackled by Suge Knight for using Tupac’s voice

He takes the opportunity to turn on Snoop Dogg.

After Kendrick Lamar lit the fuse, the rap game is now on fire and blood with new clashes arriving every week. Chris Brown against Quavo, Kanye West who comes against Drake, J.Cole and Kendrick, we no longer know where to turn. But there is one who does not lose the North and knows exactly where he has to go: it is Drake, who killed almost everyone with his recent diss tracks, in which he attacks Rick Ross, The Weeknd and many others. The Canadian, however, made a mistake: he apparently alienated Suge Knight.

And it’s never a good thing to annoy Suge Knight, the game knows something about that… The reason for the ex-Death Row boss’s anger? It’s very simple: in an interview for his podcast Collect Call with Suge Knight, he criticizes Drake for using Artificial Intelligence to imitate the voices of Tupac and Snoop Doggtwo West Coast legends, in order to troll Kendrick Lamar. “Drake, hey, young fool. Young people do what young people do, today it’s your turn. But buddy ‘Pac, it wasn’t a joke then, and it still is less today. Putting him in a song where he clashes with Kendrick to make everyone laugh, it doesn’t work like that…”.

Suge Knight will also throw a hell of a missile at Snoop: “putting him in a song where there is Snoop Dogg, who was one of the reasons for his fall and his end, frankly it’s not pretty. Pac was a king on the chessboard. He was never a pawn, so we can’t make him a pawn today”. No threats this time from the ex-Death Row boss, but we feel that he was not convinced by “Taylor Made Freestyle”. And you, what do you think of Drake’s diss track?



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