K-Pop: Singer Park Bo-ram dies at age 30

She was only 30 years old but she was one of the K-Pop stars. Singer Park Bo-ram died overnight from Thursday to Friday. According to the first elements relayed by the celebrity and international press, she died of cardiac arrest.

The young woman was at a friend’s house when she collapsed. Immediately taken to the hospital, she did not survive. His agency, Xanadu Entertainment, confirmed the death of the star in a press release, reports the site Télé7Jours.

The circumstances of Park Bo-ram’s death were considered sufficiently murky by police for them to open an investigation and request an autopsy. But while these investigations were only in their early stages, theories and rumors multiplied on social networks.

Xanadu Entertainment has issued a new press release to denounce these malicious publications and comments, speaking of “baseless lies spread indiscriminately”, reports the site Soompi. The agency promises to take action against those who broadcast and propagate this fake news, while committing to revealing the causes of Park Bo-ram’s death when they are established.

Park Bo-ram began her career by participating in Superstar K2 in 2010, when she was only 16 years old. She finished at 8e place of the Korean telecrochet but had been spotted by the producers and had released a first single four years later. Since then, his rise in K-Pop has been meteoric.

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