The horoscope for Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The horoscope for Tuesday, November 21, 2023
The horoscope for Tuesday, November 21, 2023

It’s about growing up and knowing how to give up sometimes, an influential and very present trend today and in the months to come!

Ram : from now on and for about two years, you will be more introverted. And you put your energy at the service of your inner strength, more than outside!

Bull : it is in the emotional domain that you need solidity, reliability… For two years, anything that is too futile does not last long!

Gemini : you appear ambitious. And you seek to occupy a role in society, sometimes even seeking to impose yourself!

Cancer : for approximately 2 years, you open yourself to new horizons. You need to no longer feel limited in your life!

Lion : it’s about recharging your batteries, sharing sweet moments with a loved one, or devoting yourself to your meditation or yoga class!

Virgin : you will have to take care of yourself. Another area concerned, your relationships! Take care of them!


Balance : the pleasures of life, and of love too, are there. For 2 years, you are at the service of your loved ones, paying attention to your fitness as well.

Scorpio : by asking yourself about your priorities, you feel much better. This Tuesday allows you to get off to a good start!

Sagittarius : to you the family, the one that you have not necessarily chosen, but with which you feel good. She needs you!

Capricorn : there will be no one happier than you, provided you go beyond the boundaries, those that you impose on yourself, and those imposed by the outside!

Aquarius : the storm passes. And you have the opportunity to go in the direction you have chosen, and which suits you well!

Pisces : you are the hero, our heroine of the day, and of tomorrow too. It’s up to you to express your values ​​loud and clear, we’re all ears!



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