Florent Pagny recounts the day he had a problem backstage during a duet with Johnny Hallyday

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In What eraSaturday November 18, Florent Pagny spoke about his collaborations with Johnny Hallyday. The singer notably recounted an argument they had after a failed concert at the Parc des Princes. Here are the details.

His confidences about Johnny Hallyday

Florent Pagny is one of the emblematic singers who have managed to remain at the highest level despite the years. He has many fans, and has proven his great strength of character by not giving up despite his health concerns.

Note that during his long career, the singer has had to collaborate with various stars. Among the latter was Johnny Hallyday. Indeed, Florent Pagny has more than once shared the stage with the late rocker. Unforgettable experiences that he agreed to talk about during his appearance on the show Quelle époque!.

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Questioned by Léa Salamé, Florent Pagny recounted how the late Johnny Hallyday behaved with his collaborators. According to his words the rocker was very demandingnot hesitating to test those with whom he had to work.

“Singing with Johnny Hallyday was the ultimate test (…) He left a lot on the way,” he said.

A dispute between the two singers

Florent Pagny did not escape Johnny’s “Test” phase the first time they sang together. But unlike others, the singer reacted very well. He didn’t let himself be intimidated, thus earning the rocker’s respect.

“He was very happy because finally, he had one who had a bit of a response. And every time he needed, he called me (…) I experienced my greatest moments on stage thanks to him,” said the interpreter of Knowing how to love.

Although they respected each other a lot, Florent Pagny and Johnny Hallyday did not always collaborate quietly. Azucena’s husband notably spoke of a time when they had an argument after a show.


While he was supposed to perform with Johnny at the Parc des Princes, Florent Pagny unfortunately lost his way in the corridors of the stadium. An unfortunate accident which led the singer to give a bad performance.

Angry after the failed show, Johnny Hallyday criticized him for his lack of application. He was unaware of the mishap experienced by his colleague.

“I watched him go and said, ‘Don’t you ask me why this happened to me?’ », recounted Florent Pagny.

Fortunately, this dispute did not last. Later, after Johnny learned what happened, they resumed their beautiful friendship. According to Florent Pagny, it was the only time he and the rocker had a dispute.

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Florent Pagny’s fight against cancer

During his appearance in Quelle époque, Florent Pagny also spoke about his state of health. A subject that has interested fans since the announcement of his cancer in 2022.

Florent Pagny

Azucena Caamano and Florent Pagny attend the Baccarat Dinner at Maison Baccarat on June 5, 2023 in Paris, France – Photo credits: Getty Images

Thus, the singer revealed that he had been in remission for a few months. After several relapses, he would now begin the last chapter of his fight against illness. Good news for fans who can therefore rest assured.



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