26 years later, here’s what the child in the film is like today and how much he gets paid for each re-run

26 years later, here’s what the child in the film is like today and how much he gets paid for each re-run
26 years later, here’s what the child in the film is like today and how much he gets paid for each re-run

The name Reece Thompson may not be familiar to you, but if you’ve seen Titanic, his face will surely ring a bell. The 30-year-old American played the “little Irish boy” in James Cameron’s famous 1997 film Titanic.

When Titanic (which hits Netflix on July 15) was filmed, Reece Thompson was just five years old. He had landed the role of the young third-class passenger who, along with his mother and sister, perishes in their cabin when the doors to the third-class area close, preventing them from reaching the lifeboats.

What happens to the little boy of Titanic 26 years after the film’s release?

Today, the child who has become an adult is the director of the
marketing digital from a ski resort in the state of Utah. In an interview with the magazine Business Insiderhe said he had no specific memories of the filming of
Titanicbut he continues to receive
Royalties each year in connection with his role in the film.

Titanic was a triumph at
box-officewith worldwide revenues exceeding $2 billion. After filming, Reece Thompson was paid 30 000 dollars (about 26,000 euros), and he continues to receive annual checks of 200 to 300 dollars (or 175 to 260 euros) as royalties for his role in the film.It’s always nice to suddenly see 100 dollars
additional on his account
” he told the magazine
Business Insider.

Reece Thomson: Titanic’s child didn’t follow Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s careers

The film Titanic has propelled Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio to stardom, but for Reece Thompson it is simply a part of his life that he is proudbut which he left behind. In the film, the young actor appears in three scenes and has a replica.

It’s weird because I never think about it. I don’t think, ‘Oh, when am I going to get another check from the production of Titanic?’ When it happens, I’m just like, ‘Oh, cool, 100 dollars more”, he confides.The movie is 25 years old, but I hope they continue to show it as often as they do, because it means more money for me.

Titanic: a cult film since its release in 1997

In 1997, Titanic was released in the United States and in 1998 in France, and was immediately considered a masterpiece of cinema. The film won no less than 11
in 1998, including Best Director (James Cameron) and Best chanson original for Celine Dion’s hit My Heart Will Go On.

Even after 25 years since its release, in 2023, Titanic
is still the feature film of all records
and the most viewed in history in France, having attracted more than
21,7 millions of spectators in theaters. In addition, it remains the most famous ship in history, having sunk during its maiden voyage across the Atlantic after colliding with an iceberg, causing the death of 1,517 of the 2,224 people on board.



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