Tonight on Amazon: a brilliant, edgy 70s crime film revered by Tarantino! – Movie News

Tonight on Amazon: a brilliant, edgy 70s crime film revered by Tarantino! – Movie News
Tonight on Amazon: a brilliant, edgy 70s crime film revered by Tarantino! – Movie News

One of Tarantino’s favorite films, to which he will pay homage in his “Reservoir Dogs”, The Pirates of the Underground is a model of nervous and ultra-effective thriller from the 70s like they don’t make anymore. A wonderful nugget, to see on Prime Video!

In New York City, four armed men take a subway car hostage and demand a million dollar ransom. Lieutenant Zachary Garber, a member of the subway police, is assigned to the case…

One must try to imagine the teeming megalopolis of New York in the early 70s. A city then in the grip of a terrible drug epidemic, with frightening crime, to the point that a survival manual was even distributed to tourists. A city on the verge of bankruptcy too.

Money was so scarce in the city’s coffers that it could no longer even pay the garbage collectors to collect the trash, especially in the Bronx and Harlem neighborhoods, which had become open-air ghettos. The Black Panthers would go so far as to threaten to kill the city’s mayor if he did not clean the streets…

It was during this dismal period that, in order to significantly replenish its coffers, the municipality had the idea of ​​attracting Hollywood studios to the city, to encourage them to film in New York, thanks to advantageous fiscal and practical conditions.

From there, pure masterpieces were born, such as Serpico or Dog Day Afternoon. But also real gems like The Pirates of the Metro, the archetype of the feverish thriller of the time.


Directed by a filmmaker who is unfortunately far too underestimated, Joseph Sargent, the film will also be the subject of a remake released in 2009, under the title The Attack on Subway 123, directed by Tony Scott. A square film that tried to modernize the 1974 film. But a rather futile exercise in our opinion, as the original work absolutely does not suffer from the weight of years.

Carried by a brilliant cast of actors, including Walter Matthau and especially Robert Shaw as the villain on duty and mastermind of the gang of crooks, who incidentally shot this film before Jaws, armed with nervous staging, The Pirates of the Metro is one of Tarantino’s favorite films.

He even went so far as to directly borrow the names of his characters defined by their colors for his Reservoir Dogs.

The Pirates of the Metro, a gem like they don’t make anymore, with a memorable twist ending, to watch on Prime video!



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