The Acolyte’s Sith’s Troubled Past May Have Been Exposed

The Acolyte’s Sith’s Troubled Past May Have Been Exposed
The Acolyte’s Sith’s Troubled Past May Have Been Exposed

A fan theory may have found theorigin story of the Sith from The Acolyte. Several clues point in the same direction. Unless it is a decoy?

Available for streaming on Disney+ since July 3, episode 6 of the first season of The Acolyte offers the opportunity to dig into the past of certain characters and their intentions – we are thinking in particular of Qimir, who hid his game well. The episode has also given rise to a theory among fans of Star Wars. The following contains spoilers.

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A scar caused by a laser whip?

The said theory suggests that there is an ancient link between Qimir and Jedi Master Vernestra Rwoh. It is indeed during this episode that we see Vernestra Rwoh’s famous lightsaber in action. It is in fact a laser whip, a weapon that is at the very least atypical, which we had spotted as early as May while watching a trailer.

The Scar. // Source : Lucasfilm

At another point in the series, we see a discussion between Qimir and Osha, the young woman who is “prisoner” of the Sith. The latter turns his back on her and, in a movement, reveals his back. We then discover that it is marked with a scar in the shape of an arc. Could this be the work of a whiplash from Vesnestra Rwoh?

When asked by Osha about the origin of this mark, Qimir evades. He suggests that someone inflicted it on him, ” by the one who rejected me ” We know at this point that Qimir was ” a long time ago ” in the Jedi Order, and that he left it too, like Osha. He does not confirm, however, that it was his master who gave him this injury. He does not deny it either.

Vernestra Rwoh and her amazing weapon. // Source: Lucasfilm

A disciple of the past?

When Qimir claims to have been a Jedi, he claims that it was really ” long time ago ” Was this in his early youth? Or is Qimir supernaturally old, and his apparent good health the result of some kind of spell? It would not be unlikely, given the Sith’s interest in prolonged life through the arcane arts.

If this lead is correct, it would correspond to Vesnestra Rwoh anyway. This Jedi, who belongs to the Mirialan species, was born 248 years before the Battle of Yavin (which is the zero marker in Star Wars). This means that by the time The Acolyte begins, she is already 116 years old. An age that has allowed her to see many students… including Qimir?

Qimir hid his game well. // Source: Lucasfilm

Several Internet users adhere to this theory. It is not said that the scar received by Qimir comes from a blow that was intended to kill him. It could also be a mark from training that went wrong. If Vesnestra Rwoh is indeed Qimir’s Jedi master, we do not know at this stage the reasons why she rejected this padawan.

The series, in any case, instills doubt in the way it frames Vesnestra Rwoh and makes her say some lines — as if certain memories were coming back to her. As if a problem from the past was coming back to the surface. In any case, she appears preoccupied during the study of the crime scene.

It remains to be seen whether the two remaining episodes of this first season will be enough to clarify the situation. Or whether we will have to bet on a season 2 of The Acolyte.

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