This photo of Wolverine has internet users going wild

In less than three weeks, Deadpool will finally make his return to the cinema, alongside one of the Super hero the most emblematic of Marvel. We are obviously talking about Logansince it’s the movie Deadpool et Wolverine which will hit theaters on July 24. X-Men the most popular will always be performed by the excellent Hugh Jackmanincluding several shooting photos have leaked in recent months. And it is precisely on one of them that the focus is on Photoshop Battle of the day, in which users of Reddit are trying to achieve the montage most funny possible. And this is what it looks like.

the original photo

#1 wolverine is attacked

photoshop battle hugh jackman wolverine 1

#2 hugh jackman stars in a musical

#3 a little guitar solo

photoshop battle hugh jackman wolverine 3

#4 a cry of pain

#5 I had never noticed this minion

photoshop battle hugh jackman wolverine 5

#6 to the thief!

#7 Wolverine comes first in the marathon

photoshop battle hugh jackman wolverine 7

#8 a pogo for wolverine the metalhead

#9 direction the toilets

photoshop battle hugh jackman wolverine 9

#10 a little game of bowling

#11 elastic man

photoshop battle hugh jackman wolverine 11

#12 wolverine comes home from shopping

#13 hulk vs wolverine dans street fighter

photoshop battle hugh jackman wolverine 13

To stay in the world of superheroes and Marvel in particular, also discover this Photoshop Battle on an atypical cosplay of the Kingpin!



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