Star Wars blurs the Sith on Disney+

Star Wars blurs the Sith on Disney+
Star Wars blurs the Sith on Disney+

After the enjoyable fight of episode 5, The Acolyte suddenly calms down the game on Disney+, and sets up new dynamics.

With its episode 5, The Acolyte has resurrected the prequel Star Wars with a brutal, epic lightsaber fight. While these traditional duels of the series have become rather disappointing since Disney bought Lucasfilm, the series has succeeded where its predecessors had mostly failed, even if the storytelling remains shaky.

The project remains intriguing in any case, by its additions to the lore (which tend to annoy some), but especially its open paths, like this small detail which could refer to the secret origin story of Kylo Ren. And after this episode rich in action and emotions, The Acolyte must catch his breath. The opportunity to change the balance of power somewhat before the final sprint.

The calm after the storm

After its last episode largely devoted to the methodical massacre of the Jedi by the masked Sith, The Acolyte had to find a way to ride on its good momentum. With its sixth chapter, the series chooses total decompressionan understandable choice which augurs two explosive final episodes.

So out with the pretty lightsaber fights, in with a quiet character studywhich sets up the final stakes of this season. The slightly cartoonish exchange in the last episode between the two twins Mae and Osha at least has the merit of create new power relations. On one hand, Mae finds herself with Sol, her sister’s former Jedi Master, who knows more than he’s letting on.

50 Shades of the Sith

The other, Osha is in the hands of his sworn enemywho cold-bloodedly murdered a slew of Jedi in the previous episode (including his close friends Jecki and Yord). Finally, We also follow the investigation led by the Jedi Orderrepresented by Vernestra Rwoh, returns after her appearances at the start of the season.

By following these three distinct fronts, the series reshuffles the cards, and allows the existence of new dynamics between the remaining characters. After the frenzy of episode 5, this more sedate rhythm and this desire to concretely advance the protagonists are major assets, even if the desired tension sometimes struggles to impose itself, sometimes giving way to stagnant boredom.

We fall asleep a little (non-contractual photo)

Ground on stage

However, this transitional chapter has the good thing about it: allows to The Acolyte to skillfully cover one’s tracks before its conclusion. Since the beginning of its broadcast, the series has played on a web of lies in which the characters are trapped. And by exchanging the respective masters of Mae and Osha, The series succeeds in capturing the ambiguity it seeksmaking the line between Jedi and Sith increasingly thin.

So, after the revelation of his identity (which was the expected one), The Sith Qimir appears as a calm and seductive forceoffering a new and captivating face to the dark side. Where Palpatine was Anakin’s paternal mentor, Manny Jacinto’s antagonist plays on different strings with Osha, seeming in full possession of the emotions that the Jedi repress.

A truly fascinating antagonist

A characterization that perfectly parallels Sol in this episode. Lee Jung-jae’s Jedi seems to slowly fade as the series progresses.and he’s never seemed more untrustworthy than around Mae. Complex, vulnerable, and mysterious, his character definitely stands out as the most successful in the seriesand the revelations of the last two episodes should not take away this title.

The Acolyte made the clever choice to highlight this reversal of the balance of power, placing itself this time clearly on the Sith side of the story. The dark side is seemingly more honest, and more pleasant (as evidenced by the pretty planet Qimir has taken up residence on). In the saga, he has rarely ever looked so attractiveas the Jedi are already embarking on political maneuvers that will cause their downfall.

We’re starting to get scared for Sol…

Sabre blaser

As since the beginning, The Acolyte mistreats the Jedi Orderblinded by a period of peace that ended up weakening them. A questioning that is once again part of the work of the prequel, where Many Jedi eventually come to doubt their institution. (Anakin obviously, but also Qui-Gon Jinn before him). The series is preparing interesting avenues for its finale, which should revisit the events of Brendok.

That said, This episode remains too short to represent more than a parenthesis, which sets things up but deliberately refuses to move forward too much. The series’ weekly release schedule makes this break particularly frustrating, especially sinceIt is now quite easy to understand where she wants to go.. Again, this chapter ends on a double cliffhanger more frustrating than exciting.

At least we saw the laser whip in action

The series also doesn’t seem to know what tone to adopt, while the episode, rather dark and solemn, sometimes allows himself some very strange comic antics. Sure, the little space marmot is a fun addition to the saga’s zany bestiary, but its intervention here betrays its intended intentions.

In short, The Acolyte is still experiencing recurring problemsand still struggles to completely thrill us. However, its transitional episode 6 has going for it the successful development of his charactersand we must admit a certain curiosity for the final answers that the series must bring us.

A new episode of The Acolyte is available every Wednesday from 3 a.m. on Disney+.



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