Screenwriter Who Accused Netflix of Plagiarism, Dismissed

Screenwriter Who Accused Netflix of Plagiarism, Dismissed
Screenwriter Who Accused Netflix of Plagiarism, Dismissed

Director Vincent Dietschy, who accused the Netflix blockbuster of plagiarism, was dismissed by the Paris judicial court on Wednesday, July 3.

The Paris judicial court dismissed, this Wednesday, the screenwriter Vincent Dietschy’s request that Netflix suspend the broadcast of the film Under the Seine on the grounds that he had drawn too much inspiration from one of his own scripts for a project entitled Catfish.

Huge success in recent weeks on the Netflix platform worldwide, Under the Seine depicts the arrival in the waters of the capital of a shark that has mutated due to pollution, a few days before a major triathlon competition. Any resemblance to future events is obviously intended.

On June 14, during a hearing, screenwriter Vincent Dietschy requested the suspension of the broadcast of the film, available on the platform since June 5, highlighting the offense of “parasitism”. The screenwriter believed that Netflix had been inspired by his own screenplay written in 2015 and that he had never managed to produce.

Ordered to pay 3,000 euros to Netflix

But the Paris judicial court dismissed his claim on Wednesday. In the decision that BFMTV was able to consult, the court indicates that Vincent Diestchy sued Netflix Services France even though it is not responsible for broadcasting on the platform, unlike the Dutch company Netflix International BV. His claim was therefore deemed inadmissible. He was ordered to pay 3,000 euros to Netflix Services France in legal costs.

Vincent Dietschy claimed to have imagined a project entitled Catfish which tells the story of a confrontation in the Seine in Paris between a woman and a huge man-killing fish. All against the backdrop of the Olympic Games.

“We have identified no fewer than 135 points of contact between the ‘Silure’ project and the film ‘Sous la Seine’,” he told Le Parisien. “My goal is for the theft of which I was a victim to be recognized.”

Vincent Vantighem with Magali Rangin

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