Is Hors du temps by Olivier Assayas a good film? Here are the first spectator reviews! – Cinema News

Is Hors du temps by Olivier Assayas a good film? Here are the first spectator reviews! – Cinema News
Is Hors du temps by Olivier Assayas a good film? Here are the first spectator reviews! – Cinema News

What do spectators think of “Hors du temps”, the new film by Olivier Assayas, with Vincent Macaigne, Micha Lescot, Nora Hamzawi and Nine d’Urso, in theaters since Wednesday? Here is an overview of AlloCiné internet user reviews.

Released this Wednesday, June 19 at the cinema, has Hors du temps convinced its first spectators? While it obtains an average of 2.3 out of 5 from the press (21 reviews), and the same score from the public, thanks to the 23 people* who have rated it to date (including 6 critics), small selection of spectator reviews.

Two years after the series Irma Vep, intended for the OCS channel, Olivier Assayas returns with a new feature film, which is not unrelated precisely to this series project. The film Out of time was in fact born as a continuation of the writing of this series. These two projects were written successively during confinement, in spring 2020.

Out of Time takes the form of a melancholic comedy, looking back on life suspended in this period. Olivier Assayas experienced this confinement, with family, in the countryside, with his brother Mischka and their respective companions.

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They liked

Arthur H (4 / 5) : “Dream casting for this tender and funny comedy which intelligently deals with transmission and cultural heritage. The dialogues are often colorful and the actors impeccable. Special mention to Nine d’Urso which breathes a breath of fresh air into auteur cinema. The film does a lot of good in this gloomy period.

The young review (3/5): “Out of Time is a special film, sometimes confusing but very poetic. This film is very personal, it subtly deals with the Covid period. Vincent Macaigne is excellent (as he often is).”

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They didn’t like it or less

chloé V. (2 / 5) : “Very ego trip. It starts off okay, we tell ourselves that we’re going to have a good time but very quickly the film doesn’t seem to know where it wants to go, we start to get really bored and therefore have time to realize that the egotrip at the cinema never gives great stories and here leaves the actors a little too freewheeling to have the opportunity to become attached to the characters.”

Joce2012 (0.5 / 5) : “This film which takes place during covid is as uninteresting as possible, not even funny and very snobbish, I didn’t last until the end because I found everything very boring…. The only positive thing is the beautiful landscapes.

Out of Time is currently in theaters.

* Average recorded on Thursday June 20, 2024 from the ratings and reviews visible on AlloCiné



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