‘Still as magical’ This 85-year-old film is James Cameron’s favorite and it’s not science fiction

Culture news ‘Still as magical’ This 85-year-old film is James Cameron’s favorite and it’s not science fiction

Published on 06/18/2024 at 10:05 p.m.

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Beyond being a renowned director, James Cameron is a true movie buff! During these numerous interviews given over the years, we were able to learn more about the films he holds in his heart. Sometimes, we were even surprised by the feature films he could cite, notably this 85-year-old film which he considers his favorite. We understand his choice, it is indeed grandiose!

It’s not just action and science fiction that matters to James Cameron

When you are interested in the world of cinema, it is always very interesting to dissect the interviews given by some of the greatest directors. In this area, James Cameron is often very talkative and offers us juicy anecdotes about the many shoots he was able to carry out during his career.. However, what is even more interesting, when we take a look at his filmography, relatively short but filled with colossal successes, is to know the director’s multiple influences. Since his childhood, James Cameron has always demonstrated a boundless imagination and breathtaking artistic talent.

Moreover, it is no coincidence that the Cinémathèque française dedicated an exhibition to him which retraces his entire career and which shows us to what extent he was influenced by science fiction to the point of becoming one of its most illustrious representatives with films like Terminator, Aliens, the return And Avatareven if he retains a slight penchant for action (screenwriter of Rambo 2ofAlita Battle Angel and director of True Lies). However, and as surprising as it may seem, his favorite film is not part of either of these genres! In reality, it is a feature film… musical, 85 years old!

James Cameron’s favorite film is an 85-year-old musical!

A few months ago, in 2022, the illustrious Canadian director spoke to the magazine Empire. On the occasion of the promotion of the second part of the saga Avatar, the magazine had the idea of ​​giving carte blanche to certain big names in Hollywood to ask the director the questions they always wanted to ask him. Among the most interesting questions was that of Carrie Henn, a teacher who once played young Rebecca “Newt” Jorden in Aliens Returns, who asked him to name his favorite film. Against all expectations, James Cameron replied that it was… the Wizard of Ozreleased in 1939.

My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. It has been with me my whole life, from the time I first saw it on a black and white television set as a child in the early 1960s, to the regular family screenings I attend still today. It’s still just as magical. The moment when Dorothy opens the door and walks out of her black and white world into the land of Oz in Technicolor still thrills me. The genius of that moment and the way it must have taken the audience’s breath away in 1939 (…) It has never lost its charm or the strength of its message, which is never more although at home’, but if you respect the people you meet on your way and help them, you will become friends and the affection you show for each other will help you overcome all adversities.

Adapted from the story by Lyman Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz is one of the most significant feature films in the history of cinema in many respects. Even today, one of his emblematic music, Over the Rainbow, is a great classic. If it is today a great classic, the film did not really cause a tidal wave at the box office since it only brought in 3 million dollars out of the 2.7 million invested. A failure, certainly, even if the critics allowed it to triumph by winning multiple awards. For the rest, it is time that gave it its letters of nobility : UNESCO registration, considered the most viewed film in the world and ranked second greatest film of all time in the early 2000s.



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