“Saving Private Ryan” (re) arrives in 300 theaters in France

“Saving Private Ryan” (re) arrives in 300 theaters in France
“Saving Private Ryan” (re) arrives in 300 theaters in France

Do you want to commemorate the landings of June 6, 1944, which helped turn the tide of the Second World War, but you cannot travel to Normandy? So why not go to the cinema to applaud, even for the umpteenth time, Steven Spielberg’s cult film, We have to save the soldier Ryan ?

An intact emotion

This unforgettable epic returns, 26 years after its first broadcast, in 300 French cinemas, reports France Info. And if this return looks more like mercantile opportunism, it will at least have the merit of refreshing certain memories… and making us cry again?

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Remember: We have to save the soldier Ryan tells, with all the mastery that we know from Spielberg, the expedition commanded by Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) and aimed at finding, near the French coast in the middle of the Allied landings, the soldier James Ryan (Matt Damon), whose the three brothers fell on the field of honor.

Oscars and millions

The opening sequence of the film also features this famous landing – the 80th anniversary of which will be celebrated on June 6, 2024 – during one of the anthology scenes of world cinema, shot in Ireland with more than 1,000 extras. , recalls France Info.

Our “Second World War” file

Released in 1998, We have to save the soldier Ryan had generated $482 million in global box office revenue, won five Oscars and captivated more than four million spectators in France.



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