We finally know the plot of the next Lord of the Rings film which will highlight one of the most cult characters in the saga

We finally know the plot of the next Lord of the Rings film which will highlight one of the most cult characters in the saga
We finally know the plot of the next Lord of the Rings film which will highlight one of the most cult characters in the saga

The Lord of the Rings saga has not yet revealed all its secrets, and a new project was announced at the beginning of the month. A live-action film is in preparation, and it will allow us to discover a little more about one of the most emblematic characters of the universe created by JRR Tolkien.

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On May 10, Warner Bros. announced that a new Lord of the Rings film is in the pipeline. The feature film, called The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollumshould be released in 2026. It will be directed by Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in the films. Needless to say, he masters the subject quite well. The story will therefore focus on that of Sméagol, whose body and mind were perverted by the One Ring until he became the terrible creature we know.

If we have already been able to learn about the character in the two trilogies, this new film will reveal much more of his ultimately tragic story. In an interview with Deadline, the actor and director provided some information on the project.

Gollum has always been with me all these years. I’ve read the audiobooks of the trilogy, The Silmarillion and The Hobbit, so Tolkien’s world has never left me since we made the first films. The character in particular has remained an essential part of my life. So it’s absolutely exciting to be able to go back and delve again into his universe, and more particularly into the psychology of Gollum. I know we’re all interested in finding a deeper level of this character, and on top of that, being able to direct and hopefully create a film that has a place in the canon, but also something fresh and new, with a different approach.

Andy Serkis

Peter Jackson is also on board

If Andy Serkis will therefore be behind (and perhaps in front of) the camera, Peter Jackson will be producing. Not content to be very excited about the project, the latter is full of praise for the actor. For him, Serkis is simply the best choice to direct this film.

It was a pleasure working with Andy as second unit director on The Hobbit. He has the energy and imagination and, above all, the inherent understanding of the story world that is necessary to return to Middle-earth.

We have collaborated on eight films together and it has been a fantastic experience each time. No one in the world is better equipped to tackle Gollum’s story than Andy.

Peter Jackson

Regarding the script of The Hunt for Gollumscreenwriter Philippa Boyens who is working on the film, dropped a few clues, without going into too much detail.

Gollum’s story is one of the most fascinating for us in terms of a character that we haven’t been able to delve into as much as we wanted to before, which may seem strange when we say that, considering that he is familiar to everyone.

Gollum’s life takes place during such an interesting time in Middle Earth. When the question was asked, this was the first story we thought of.

Philippa Boyens

Note that Peter Jackson also specified during the interview that the film will cover events that could not be covered in the two trilogies. “We really want to explore his story and delve deeper into the aspects of his journey that we didn’t have time to cover in the first films. It’s too early to know who will cross his path, but suffice to say we will take inspiration by JRR Tolkien.”

To find out the cast of the film, and to know whether or not Andy Serkis will reprise his role, you will have to be patient. The release of The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum is planned for 2026.



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