The film Mad Max Furiosa used AI and you probably haven’t noticed: George Miller had this idea “very early” to make this detail invisible

Culture news The film Mad Max Furiosa used AI and you probably haven’t noticed: George Miller had this idea “very early” to make this detail invisible

Published on 05/28/2024 at 11:50

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Furiosa has just arrived at the cinema! If his scores are quite low for the moment, Miller is still signing an important new film for Mad Max which allowed him to use AI. But you probably haven’t noticed that.

A smooth start?

That’s it, Furiosa has been available for a few days now, and it has everyone in agreement! George Miller’s latest film, from the Mad Max universe, comes out on topith 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and 79/100 at MetaCritic. The return of the eponymous heroine (Anya Taylor Joy) is more than successful. Spectators were delighted to see Miller’s post-apocalyptic world again, as well as the racing cars that made this license famous. Unfortunately, it must be admitted that Furiosa’s box office debut is much more timid than its protagonist.

According to Varietythe feature film still has a lot of difficulty crossing the bar of 60 million dollars at the international box office. In France, the blockbuster was even surpassed by “A Little Something Plus”, Artus’ latest film. However, if the scores are not there, the cinematographic performance is! Miller even chose to use artificial intelligence; a technology that is still widely criticized in the industry.

A good use of AI?

The use of AI in cinema is still much debated. It even provoked a strike among many actors last year, who feared that their images would be stolen. Even though the technology is still en full development, it already allows us to achieve incredible things: credits (like in Secret Invasion), promotional images (Civil War). We can even – in theory – use the image of a deceased actor to bring him back to life in the cinema. While these advances are impressive, they are still frightening for many filmmakers. However, Miller preferred to take the plunge by using AI in a very clever way, in Furiosa.

If you went to see the film in the cinema, you were able to see the character of Furiosa when she was younger and discover her story. You may also have noticed that her actress, Alyla Browne, is very different in real life. Well that’s just it, because his face was mixed with that of Anya Taylor Joy. Thus, the filmmaker was able to get as close as possible to what this new version of Furiosa could have been when she was a child.

“George Miller had the idea very early on. The public already had to get used to a new Furiosa (formerly played by Charlize Theron). He wanted the transition between the two actresses playing her to be invisible,” Anya Taylor-Joy tells The Kelly Clarkson Show, as reported Widescreen. Given the comments, it’s difficult to say if the result was worth the effort. While some saw nothing but fire and were even amazed by this technology, others criticize a rendering that is too “plastic”. We’ll let you make up your own mind. One thing is certain, this kind of special effects will most certainly be reused in many other films in the future. AI will probably be more and more present, but also more and more efficient.



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