VIDEO. Cannes Film Festival: close-up on Demi Moore, from Hollywood sex symbol to accomplished actress

She arrived on the red carpet in a sublime mermaid dress, in silk, and a bow to match the size of her career. “I accept myself better as I am, that’s the gift this film gave me”, commented the flamboyant Demi Moore as she climbed the steps of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, to present “The Substance” by Frenchwoman Coralie Fargeat. One of the most anticipated films this year on the Croisette.

According to the Deadline website, the horror thriller also received a 13-minute ovation, the longest so far for this Cannes vintage.

Famous Hollywood sex symbol – thanks to the films Ghost (1990), Indecent Proposal (1993), and Striptease (1996) – Demi Moore is an actress with multiple resources. If she started by posing for charming photos at 16, she helps her neighbor in the building, the actress Nastassja Kinski, to translate and repeat her texts. Which gives him a taste for comedy.

At 18, she joined the cast of the cult medical soap “General Hospital”. At the same age, she married musician Freddy Moore, whose last name she kept. At 23, to get a role in the film “St. Elmo’s Fire”, she signed a contract to stop using alcohol and cocaine. Today she is an accomplished actress, also a producer and director.

She also had three daughters with Bruce Willis and later married Ashton Kutcher, 16 years her junior. At 33, she became the highest paid actress in history. Today we are painting his portrait with our partner Brut, ready to capture the glitter and scandals on the Croisette for two weeks. Discover his career in video.



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