“There’s nothing new,” George Lucas was disappointed with Star Wars 7 and he has good reason to be

Culture news “There’s nothing new,” George Lucas was disappointed with Star Wars 7 and he has good reason to be

Published on 05/21/2024 at 05:25

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When “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released in 2015, it marked the beginning of a new era for one of the most iconic franchises in cinematic history. However, not everyone was enchanted by this galactic revival. George Lucas, the visionary creator of the Star Wars saga, expressed his disappointment with the film, saying that it did not bring anything new. But why did Lucas feel this way, and what are the reasons behind his dissatisfaction?


  • Failure to innovate
  • A different approach to storytelling
  • Disney’s management of the franchise
  • Depth of characters and themes
  • The Legacy of the Prequel

Failure to innovate

George Lucas is known for his constant desire for innovation. When he created “Star Wars” in 1977, he not only revolutionized special effects, but he also redefined the genre of science fiction in cinema. For Lucas, each episode of the saga had to push the limits of technology and cinematic storytelling. “The Force Awakens”, directed by JJ Abrams, although an undeniable commercial success, was criticized for its lack of creativity and originality. Lucas pointed out that the film was too similar to 1977’s “A New Hope,” relying on nostalgic elements rather than offering something truly new.

A different approach to storytelling

Lucas has always been an ambitious storyteller, seeking to explore complex themes and expand the Star Wars universe. Its prequels, while controversial, introduced new planets, new characters, and deep political intrigue. In comparison, “The Force Awakens” was seen by Lucas as a retrospective rather than a progression. The reliance on familiar elements, such as the destruction of a Death Star-type superweapon and the reintroduction of iconic characters, was seen by Lucas as a narrative regression.

Disney’s management of the franchise

When Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, he hoped that the new management would continue to respect and expand on his original vision while bringing in fresh ideas. However, he expressed frustration with the direction Disney was taking, believing the company had not been sufficiently committed to innovating and exploring new avenues. “They wanted to make a movie for the fans,” he said, indicating that Disney’s approach was more commercial than creative.

Depth of characters and themes

Another aspect of Lucas’ disappointment lies in the treatment of characters and themes. In Lucas’s films, even supporting characters had meaningful story arcs, and themes of politics, philosophy, and morality were pervasive. “The Force Awakens” has been criticized for its lack of thematic depth and for its characters sometimes perceived as replicas rather than innovations. The film has been accused of not taking narrative risks, content to please the existing fanbase without seeking to explore deeper questions.

The Legacy of the Prequel

Although Lucas’ prequels were met with mixed reactions, they came to be recognized for their ambition and innovation. Films like “The Phantom Menace” introduced innovative concepts like the politics of the Galactic Republic and the origins of Darth Vader. In contrast, “The Force Awakens” seemed to play it safe, returning to tried-and-true formulas rather than risking experimentation. For Lucas, this represented a lack of artistic audacity.

George Lucas’ disappointment with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is understandable when you consider his commitment to innovation and ambitious storytelling. For Lucas, Star Wars has always been more than just a space saga; it was a ground for cinematic and narrative experimentation. His dissatisfaction lies in the fact that Episode VII failed to perpetuate this tradition of daring and creativity, preferring to rely on nostalgic and familiar elements. Ultimately, Lucas has good reason to be disappointed, because for him, “Star Wars” is about pushing the boundaries of possibility – a spirit that he believes has been somewhat lost in this new iteration.

As a reminder, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is available on the SVOD platform Disney +.



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