Fast and Furious 11 with Vin Diesel: other films planned but less ambitious – Cinema News

Fast and Furious 11 with Vin Diesel: other films planned but less ambitious – Cinema News
Fast and Furious 11 with Vin Diesel: other films planned but less ambitious – Cinema News

Questioned by Variety, the president of Universal said she wanted future “Fast and Furious” films and series that were “more intimate” and less expensive.

In April 2022, producer Neal Moritz said he wanted the final films in the Fast & Furious saga to return “to where it all began” and “to be more realistic”. However, Fast

The feature film only grossed $714.6 million at the international box office. Combined with revenue from the video release of Fast

A budget revised downwards?

Thus, the producers would like to lower the budget of future films in the saga. Donna Langley, director of the NBCUniversal studio, says at the microphone of Variety that if the Fast & Furious franchise continues in any way after the release of the eleventh film it would be necessary to better control costs.

“The question is where we go next. We might change direction again and go back to the streets of Los Angeles to make it a more intimate story.” The producer also mentioned the possibility of a streaming spin-off series, like what was done for Pitch Perfect and Ted.


Vin Diesel

It is still too early to say whether the economy advocated by Universal regarding these films will have an impact on Fast & Furious 11, whose filming is due to begin in January 2025, but Vin Diesel is already promising “a grand finale and a celebration of the incredible family that we built together.” Will the actor and producer of the saga agree to reduce costs for the final film in the $7.3 billion franchise?

To buckle the buckle

In any case, Fast 11 should return to its roots in the streets of LA since director Louis Leterrier recently revealed that the last film “will complete the loop by returning to Los Angeles”, location of the action of the first Fast & Furious. A necessary return to basics according to the French director: “This is exactly what we want to do. We want to bring the saga home, while having a great adventure to tell.”

Fast & Furious 11 must conclude the saga that began 25 years ago, but Donna Langley’s statement suggests that other films or series could see the light of day. To date, no further information has been released on the spin-offs Hobbs & Reyes and Hobbs & Shaw 2, so it is unknown whether these films are still relevant.

According to Louis Leterrier, Fast & Furious 11 should be released in theaters in September 2026.



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