this Hong Kong action film would blow away the competition

Along with South Korean cinema, Hong Kong cinema is among the most exciting in the world. And this new film, unveiled at Cannes film festivalseems to prove it in the most beautiful way, according to the first unanimous reviews.

City of Darkness, the film that beats up the Cannes public

While Hollywood cinema seems to be increasingly boring to part of the Western public, many spectators have found a new El Dorado in Asian cinema. At Hitek, we have regularly talked about our passion for South Korean cinema (as evidenced by this selection of 15 masterpieces) or for Japanese cinema (this other selection of 15 films is quite eloquent). But we do not sufficiently mention the very rich Hong Kong cinema, which also excels in poetic love dramas – with the gigantic Wong Kar-wai (In the Mood for Love, As Tears Go By) – only in thrillers and nervous action films (the trilogy Infernal Affairs by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, The Killer by John Woo, Time and Tide by Tsui Hark).


Fortunately, certain events push us to correct our mistake, and the release of Soi Cheang’s new film at the Cannes Film Festival is one of them. The director, who has carved out a solid reputation with his grimy thriller Limboreturns this year with City of Darknessa hair-raising action film according to first opinionstelling us the adventures of Chan Lok-kwan, an illegal who takes refuge in the Kowloon Citadel – a Chinese enclave transformed into a lawless zone – to escape the men of a Triad boss.

Distributed in France by Metropolitan FilmExport – like Kevin Costner’s pharaonic western, for which we discovered the exceptional trailer -, City of Darkness will be released in French cinemas from September 4, 2024. On the Croisette, the lucky ones who had the opportunity to discover it are unanimous: the film is an uppercut, which puts a large part of Hollywood action cinema to shame.

It is impossible not to be galvanized by the dynamism of #CityOfDarkness, which combines the precision of Time and Tide with the (offbeat) exuberance of Miike. Fierce, brutal, but also beautiful, even epic, it is the little bomb of rebellious energy that awakens the @Festival_Cannes.

Soi Cheang reconnects with his love of fighting and a colossal cast to tell an exciting chapter in Hong Kong history.

My first review for Konbini: #CityofDarkness (Or #WarriorsoftheTwilightWalledIn) screened yesterday at #Cannes2024.

The citadel is impressive, a high-flying fight, but at times a tad grotesque. We can easily forgive Soi Cheang, because the film exudes real tenderness for these characters. #CityOfDarkness #cannes2024

Between Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow, #CityOfDarkness by Soi Cheang (Limbo) is above all the best fights seen in HK cinema for 20 years. The Kowloon setting provides a welcome social dimension, even if the protagonist’s arc remains light. Nice pickaxe!#Cannes2024



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