the first images have arrived, but they hide the main thing

The first images from season 2 of The Last of Us with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are there, and they obviously maintain the mystery on the main one.

After the great success of season 1 of The Last of Us, it was obvious that HBO would come back for a sequel. In addition to attracting quite a few spectators, the series created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann also obtained very good marks from critics and several nominations for the Golden Globes and the Emmy Awards. Between that and the triumph of fallout in 2024 on Amazon, we can really say that series adaptations of video games are on the rise at the moment.

We are therefore impatiently waiting to see what season 2 of The Last of Us will reserve us, especially when we know that it will cover part of The Last of Us – Part IIan exciting sequel to the game. And in fact, the first images of this season 2 have just been revealed, and there is no point getting too excited: they are very simple, and reveal nothing special.

The Last of us season 2 and its 2 osef images

We can’t really say that these images tell us much about what the sequel to The Last of Us. Probable explanation: the promo for season 2 will be like that of the second game, protecting certain elements as much as possible.

The first image shows us Joel (Pedro Pascal)bundled up in his usual brown jacket, giving us a look worthy of Nicolas Cage (perhaps learned during the filming ofA talent made of solid gold, we never know). People who have played The Last of Us – Part II will easily recognize which scene it is.

A very expressionless face

On the second image, a little less dull, we find Ellie (Bella Ramsey), gun in hand. And the few elements suggest that this is an image taken from the beginning of the story.

The Last of Us: Photo, Bella RamseyThe Last of Us: Photo, Bella RamseyEyes full of terror… Or just eyes

the last of us 2 will arrive in 2025

Joking aside, we won’t know more about the season with these images. The only thing that can be noted (and which was quite obvious anyway) is that the style and visual aesthetic are essentially the same as season 1and fortunately since they greatly contributed to the oppressive atmosphere of the first episodes.

The other topic here is obviously Abby’s absencecentral character of The Last of Us 2who will be played in the series by the excellent Kaitlyn Dever (seen in Hunted And Booksmart). There is no doubt that it will be the subject of a proper presentation later in the promotion.

The Last of Us - Part II: photoThe Last of Us - Part II: photoAbby Roar

Postponed with the strikes in Hollywood, the filming of season 2 of The Last of Us started in February 2024, and is expected to end in August-September.

Regarding the release date, nothing specific has yet been revealed. Max, however, announced that season 2 of The Last of Us will arrive during the year 2025.



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