this awful horror film with Robert De Niro has the right to a second life

One of the worst films with Robert De Niro is now a real success on Netflix despite terrible reviews when it was released.

The good thing about Netflix (slight sarcasm) is that certain films that would certainly have had difficulty performing in theaters can become big hits on the platform. We also have feature films initially released in cinemas or on DVD, which were critical and/or financial failures, but which can today thank Netflix for having offered them a second chance (that is to say a place in a top 10).

And in fact, a terrible horror film (in the bad sense of the word) with Robert de Niro has entered the French red N ranking and, if this is good news for him, the same cannot be said for us.

It’s good De Niro, but it’s not the right film

Godsend, a film sent by the devil himself

It is Godsend, forbidden experiencea horror film directed by Nick Hamm and featuring a fairly impressive cast including Greg Kinnear (For worse and for better, Little Miss Sunshine), Rebecca Romijn (the saga X-Men, Fatal Woman), Cameron Bright (Birth, X-Men: The Last Stand And Twilight) and therefore Robert De Niro.

Released in 2004, Godsend tells the story of Jessie (Romijn) and Paul Duncan (Kinnear), who decide after the death of their son Adam (Bright) to call on Doctor Richard Wells (De Niro) to clone their child and thus bring him back home. life. But after Adam returns from the dead, his behavior will slowly begin to change, and the nightmare is about to begin for the Duncan family.

Godsend, forbidden experiment: Photo, Robert De Niro“You talkin’ to me?”

If Godsend was not a complete commercial failure upon its release (more than $30 million worldwide box office profit for $25 million budget), it nevertheless received extremely negative reviews, making it one of the worst films with Robert De Niro (next to Law and order, The Instinct to Kill, Stone Or Dirty Grandpa). The feature film is also a one-eyed witness to its time, dealing rather clumsily with the theme and dangers of cloning, as was possible a little earlier HAS dawn of the 6th day or even In your image in France and also in 2004.

Thanks to Netflix, Godsend was therefore able to make a second life (have you got it?), spending two weeks in the top 10 French platform, in sixth and eighth place respectively. So, who do we say thank you? Thanks Netflix!



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