“Megalopolis”: Coppola arrives at Cannes with his superlative film – 05/16/2024 at 03:59

“Megalopolis”: Coppola arrives at Cannes with his superlative film – 05/16/2024 at 03:59
“Megalopolis”: Coppola arrives at Cannes with his superlative film – 05/16/2024 at 03:59

American director Francis Ford Coppola after receiving the “Palme du public” on May 12, 1997 during the 50th edition of the Cannes Film Festival (AFP / Michel GANGNE)

It is the most anticipated film of the Cannes Film Festival: 45 years after his Palme d’Or for “Apocalypse Now”, Francis Ford Coppola is seeking a third trophy with “Megalopolis”, an extraordinary film with a testamentary flavor in which he devoured part of his fortune.

With a budget of 120 million dollars, this film about the destruction of a city reminiscent of New York has been brewing in his mind for more than forty years. Coppola abandoned the project following the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, before resuming it.

“When does an empire die? Does it collapse in one terrible moment?” asks the voiceover in the trailer.

Presented as a 02:18 science fiction film, projected on an IMAX screen, “Megalopolis” revolves around the destruction of a megalopolis and its reconstruction which plays out between an architect (Adam Driver) and the mayor of the city (Giancarlo Esposito ).

It is a film about “a man who has a vision of the future” and talks about the “conflict” between this vision and the “traditions of the past”, confided Coppola in 2019, at the Lumière Festival where it was distinguished. “I would say it’s my most ambitious film, even more ambitious than Apocalypse Now.”

Enough to salivate moviegoers around the world who are as passionate about his films as his epic shoots, starting with that of “Apocalypse Now”, planned to last a few weeks and which ultimately lasted 238 days.

Added to this were Coppola’s bouts of paranoia, a drug addict, who lost around forty kilos and had to mortgage his property to finance the film. The budget, originally 13 million dollars, will increase to 30 million, bringing it to the brink of ruin.

– “Daredevil” –

“Coppola is a hothead,” recalls Tim Gray, a veteran of film journalism in the United States who now works for the organization of the Golden Globes. He “always took enormous risks. And his career defied logic,” he recently confided to AFP.

The cinema giant had also mentioned the wish to film a love story “before leaving”. This is done with the couple formed by Adam Driver and Nathalie Emmanuel (“Game of Thrones”) in “Megalopolis”.

Around them revolve multiple characters played by legendary actors from the 1970s, such as Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman.

“Everyone hoped that Francis Ford Coppola would continue to make films. We knew that he had decided to make this film and finance it with his own money,” Thierry Frémaux, the Cannes general delegate, said on Monday before the coup. of the Festival.

“I find it admirable that this 85-year-old man behaves like an independent filmmaker, like an artist who wants to come and show his work. Cannes is important for him and he is important for Cannes.”

Brilliant testament film or sluggish and disproportionate work? The press is making its predictions and has just published testimonies from members of the production describing a chaotic shoot.

The director of the “Godfather” trilogy had not directed a feature film since “Twixt”, released in 2011, and seemed to indulge in his other passion, wine, he who owns many vines.

This was without counting this project which he dedicated to his wife Eleanor, to whom he was married for sixty years, who died on April 12.



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