The Hunt for Gollum: Peter Jackson explains his return!

The Hunt for Gollum: Peter Jackson explains his return!
The Hunt for Gollum: Peter Jackson explains his return!

And he’s not the only one to speak up!
This is also the case for Andy Serkis and Philippa Boyens. “The character of Gollum/Sméagol has always fascinated me because Gollum reflects the worst of human nature, while the Sméagol side of him is, arguably, quite sympathetic,” Jackson told Deadline. “I think it touches both readers and viewers, because we all have a little bit of both in us. We really want to explore his story and delve deeper into the aspects of his journey that we didn’t have time to cover in the first films. It’s still too early to know who will cross his path, but suffice to say we will take inspiration from Professor Tolkien.”
And why Andy Serkis? “It was a pleasure working with Andy as second unit director on The Hobbit,” Jackson continued. “He has the energy, the imagination and, above all, the inherent understanding of the story world that is necessary to return to Middle-earth. “We have collaborated on eight films together and it has been a fantastic experience each time. No one in the world is better equipped to tackle Gollum’s story than Andy. “It’s one of the most fascinating for us in terms of a character that we couldn’t delve into as much as we wanted to before, which seems strange when you say that, given how familiar he is to everyone.” , declared Philippa Boyens. “Gollum’s life takes place during such an interesting time in Middle-earth. When the question arose, it was the first story we thought of. I can tell you, and people may not believe this, that we had no intention of going back. It wasn’t something we were looking to do, specifically. So when we were asked the question, we were asked what would keep us coming back. It was about working with the people we work with. It was also the chance to work with Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy in the studio. Alan Horn is now back in the studio. Everything went well “.
So that includes Andy Serkis as director. “Pete has always admired Andy’s abilities as a director. That’s why he asked him to be his second unit director. It was sort of a no-brainer. We never asked why Andy. It was more like, “Please, God, make Andy say yes.” We wanted it to tell the story of Gollum and the hunt for Gollum as soon as we decided that was the story. And Pete knew he didn’t want to go straight back to the world of Middle Earth. Peter really enjoyed working with Kenji Kamiyama, who directed War of the Rohirrim. As soon as Pete decided he wasn’t going to direct it himself and that it was going to be Gollum’s story, I swear to God there was no one other than Andy Serkis. »
“I was absolutely overwhelmed,” Serkis says of the moment he got the call to direct the film. “They’ve done this to me before, and it had the same effect as when I got the call that I was going to direct the second unit on The Hobbit. I was preparing to shoot my first independent film, something with three actors in two different locations. And then I was told, “Do you want to come and direct the second unit of the biggest films in the world?” I feel like with them, there’s always this sort of psychic moment of connection that triggers something huge. That’s how I felt when I first met them and started working with them. I’m very honored that they asked me to come back. I really am. I like them as filmmakers because they are honest. They always seek the truth. They are the hardest-working people on the planet, and their pursuit of excellence never stops, and now I have the opportunity to help reach that bar again. It was Philippa who first called me and said, “This is what we think.” And I was struck by a sort of “oh my God, I’m going back”. Yes, it was a great moment.”
Gollum should also benefit from the technological advances recorded in recent years: “At the time, motion capture technology was limited to interior sets and it was only about motion capture. “As technology evolved, with the Planet of the Apes films, for example, we were able to enable true performance capture, because in those three films, the first three, the facial expressions were all animated , copying my facial expressions, but they weren’t guided by performance capture, the delicacy and nuance that could then be captured using head-mounted cameras. It was with the Planet of the Apes films that we began to experiment on location and shoot on location. These are the big steps. Obviously, Jim Cameron was working on his Avatar films with Weta. They also pushed the nuances of facial performance with facial capture. Weta has been particularly at the forefront in this area. It’s reached a level where performance authorship allows you to internalize more without feeling like you’re overacting, or the close-up is the detail of a close-up when you’re very still. This is something that clearly works on a much bigger and deeper level now.
Although it’s still early days, Serkis seems optimistic about bringing in some of the actors who brought the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies to life.
“This question is difficult to answer right now because we are in the early stages of exactly what we are doing and where the story is going. So I don’t want to commit at the moment. I mean, because it’s so sudden, so raw and wriggling, and we’re literally having very preliminary discussions about the script and ideas about exactly where and how we’re going to drop anchor with the character and his journey and how he is or comes into contact with other characters, and the characters we know and don’t know. So I wouldn’t want to say anything that would bind us at this point, because it’s literally all a work in progress.”
As for considering ever more projects… “We have Lord of the Rings and these appendices, and that’s it,” explains Philippa Boyens. “I would love to see that right expanded if the opportunity arose, but there is so much in these three books. I know that Professor Tolkien’s most die-hard fans always worry that there isn’t much story in these books. But look at the Rohirrim War. From the looks of it, it’s a page and a half in the books. But there are a lot of threads running throughout the book. The Rohirrim War takes place two hundred years before the events of the ring, and it is very much a standalone story. That’s one of the reasons I gravitated towards this story when we were looking to do something that would fit into the anime. We wanted to do something that had nothing to do with rings of power, Sauron or magicians.”

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