In Quimper, a documentary that wakes up the sleeping beauty “with stiletto heels in the buttocks”

In Quimper, a documentary that wakes up the sleeping beauty “with stiletto heels in the buttocks”
In Quimper, a documentary that wakes up the sleeping beauty “with stiletto heels in the buttocks”

“Our society is diverse, complex and beautiful. The documentary film “Queens in Finistère” talks about tolerance, living together and celebrating,” says Vanessa Le Reste, this Breton director who was born in Concarneau 46 years ago. A woman driven for as long as she can remember by her love of cinema. A passion which notably led her to exile herself from her native lands for her career because, “in cinema, it was in Paris that you had to be”.

Between the capital and Barcelona, ​​the forty-year-old makes a few short films. “My universe, basically, is that of fiction,” she confesses. But that was without counting on the health crisis which “changed a lot of things in cinema”. In his life as well, thus putting a violent brake on his cinematographic projects.

A haircut, a subject

After the crisis, Vanessa La Reste returned to Brittany and set up her production company, Dahud Prod, in Douarnenez “where I saw that there was real excitement and a whole ecosystem around cinema”. And if she “had no desire to make documentaries before”, the forty-year-old completely changed her mind by rediscovering, “with the eyes of a somewhat candid woman”, Cornwall with its wild landscapes, its towns full of stories and colorful characters. Like Anthony Carnot, then a hairdresser on the banks of the Odet, in Quimper.

“I had to do something for my hair and I was recommended a hair salon on the quays,” remembers the director from Finistère. It was “love at first sight” with Anthony Carnot. A hairdresser like no other. “We talk and he explains to me that he is also Britany Hart, that he is organizing a Pride in Quimper. He tells me about the Family Hart, about his daughters,” says Vanessa Le Reste. In her head as a director, it clicks very quickly: “There, I tell myself that a drag queen who wakes up Quimper, the sleeping bourgeoisie, with stiletto heels in the buttocks, deserves a documentary. I talk to him about it, he says OK. Banco”.

An online documentary

This is quite good, France Télévisions is launching a whole series of documentary films on how “la bamboche” continues in France despite the passage of the health crisis and the advent of everything digital. “For almost a year and a half, we followed Anthony/Britany in his private life and different festive places,” she continues. Filming which mainly took place in Quimper. “In his living room, in the streets, at the Orangerie de Lanniron, at the HQ of the Phénix association, at the Majestic. We also went to Fouesnant, to Comptoir, to Concarneau, as well as to Starman, to Gourin,” lists Vanessa Le Reste.

A long work which culminated in the documentary film “Queens in Finistère” which will be broadcast this Thursday, May 16, on France 3. “It is a portrait which is both sensitive and funny. That of a “Mother drag” which allows other men who have this part of femininity to express it, to assert themselves. In this society of living together, everyone is as they are and everyone does what they want,” concludes Vanessa Le Reste.


“Queens in Finistère”, the documentary by Vanessa Le Reste co-produced by Dahud Prod and Quatre et demi, broadcast Thursday May 16, at 11 p.m., on France 3 Bretagne. A documentary also available now on the France Télévisions online platform.



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