Tonight on TV: a great social film and a real moment of emotion – Actus Ciné

Tonight on TV: a great social film and a real moment of emotion – Actus Ciné
Tonight on TV: a great social film and a real moment of emotion – Actus Ciné

Every day, AlloCiné recommends a film to (re)watch on TV. Tonight: Juliette Binoche perfect in a poignant Ken Loach-style drama.

Marianne Winckler, recognized writer, is undertaking a book on precarious work. She settled near Caen and, without revealing her identity, joined a team of cleaning ladies. Faced with economic fragility and social invisibility, she also discovers the mutual aid and solidarity that unites these shadow workers.

This pitch is that of the feature film Ouistreham, freely adapted from Ouistreham quay by Florence Aubenas. Screened at the opening of the Directors’ Fortnight at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, this moving Ken Loach-style social drama is led by a formidable Juliette Binoche.

Oscillating between fiction and documentary, Ouistreham is a necessary work, as just as it is powerful. A poignant testimony film which should not leave you unscathed and which stands out for the quality of its interpretation.

Juliette Binoche surrounded by non-professionals

Alongside a Juliette Binoche heavily involved (she invited Florence Aubenas at dinner every year to convince her to bring her work to the screen!), we find non-professional actors, an idea established from the start. In the city of Caen, director Emmanuel Carrère and his casting director Elsa Pharaon met many people, notably two women from the book who played themselves (Nadège, the ferry foreman, and Justine, who is celebrating her birthday). departure).

Ouistreham and precariousness in France: meeting with women who have remained invisible for too long

Looking at Ouistrehamwe forget that we are in front Juliette Binochea big name in French cinema, as the actress hides behind her character to deliver a refined performance of great accuracy. “Juliette Binoche’s enormous contribution was to agree to play on an equal footing with the others”note one Emmanuel Carrère admiring.

“I expected her to be an extraordinary actress, but I was surprised that she was so humble and generous”continues the writer and filmmaker. “I would honestly say that Juliette Binoche directed the actors at least as much as I did, not at all in giving them instructions, but in the way she played with them.”

Tonight on France 2 at 9:10 p.m.

Juliette Binoche was recently featured in “The Passion of Dodin Bouffant”:



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