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The trilogy of The Mummy with Brendan Fraser has become a classic of blockbuster cinema. However, if you thought you had seen it all after watching these 3 films, think again. Indeed, The Mummy trilogy is in reality only the cornerstone of an important extended universe that we invite you to discover in chronological order from now on.

Before getting started, a little clarification, we will go as simple as possible here to suggest that you discover this universe in order. However, it should be noted that many episodes of this saga begin with prologues which are sometimes a little intertwined. For example, the prologue of Return of the Mummy presents an event that took place even before the prologue of the first episode.


#1 The Scorpion King 2: Legendary Warrior

And yes, the second episode of this mummy spin-off saga takes place before its first film! It starts well and it’s not over… Indeed, this Scorpion King 2 tells us how, long before becoming the Scorpion King, young Mathayus from the Akkadian people witnesses the murder of his father by an evil sorcerer and then decides to do everything to avenge him. After 6 years of intense training, Mathayus has not yet become Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but Michael Copon, who before this film had played the Power Ranger blue of the Time Force.

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The film mainly tells us about the origin of the Scorpion King (obviously..) what will the heroes face in Return of the Mummy. But this episode also allows us to understand that the saga takes place in a universe where magic and mythological monsters of all kinds are very real (the film takes place before -3067 without further details).

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#2 The Scorpion King

It is the only film in the saga of Scorpio King to be released in theaters and it’s also Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first major starring role. This former American wrestler briefly appeared in The Return of the Mummy and he very quickly decided to make a spin-off which would tell the origins of the character. Taken and watched in chronological order, this film is on the other hand the second in the saga. We discover that since the events of the previous episode, all the Akkadians (the people of Mathayus) have been killed, with the exception of three.

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So, Mathayus, his brother, and another anonymous character, are now mercenaries who roam the globe in search of new missions. Strangely, the film does not really advance the story and despite numerous twists and turns and a final regicide, Mathayus becomes king but is not yet officially the famous Scorpion King however. The Rock did not wish to reprise the character, which explains his absence in the sequels.

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#3 The Scorpion King 3: Eye of the Gods

The Rock is here replaced by Victor Webster. Here we discover a Mathayus who has already lost the crown that he had conquered in the previous episode and his queen died of illness. He became an assassin/mercenary again. Oddly, if the episode took the character a step back, this time it takes him well forward in the mythology of the saga. Indeed, we discover a book of the dead similar to the book of Amon-Ra which is at the center of the issues of the first film The Mummy.

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Mathayus is this time hired by King Horus to prevent his brother and his ghost warriors from seizing the Book of the Dead, over which the kingdom has been watching for centuries. Mathayus saves the kingdom and is offered the chance to marry the queen and rule another kingdom.

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#4 The Scorpion King 4: The Quest for Power

The film begins with a prologue that appears to be the oldest story in this lore. We discover a powerful sorcerer who uses magic to conquer the world and when he dies, this power disappears. Obviously, this formidable magic will be one of the challenges but the plot is not really clear… We find here Mathayus who once again lost his status as king (definitely…). After a whole series of adventures and twists and turns of not really exciting situations, he once again brings down an evil king but this time, he does not replace him and prefers to entrust the crown to a young queen and become her advisor.

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#5 The Scorpion King 5: The Book of Souls

Mathayus is this time played by Zach McGowan (Black Sails). This time, the film tackles Egyptian mythology more head-on (Finally). Among the multiple issues, this time there is a sword created by the god of the dead Anubis, the fang of Anubis, but also a book of souls (well actually, it’s more of a roll of papyrus but hey when same) which allows the dead to return like the book of Amon-Ra. The film ends with Mathayus brandishing the fang of Anubis which is in reality the same sword that he will have during his first appearance during the Return of the mummy.

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#6 The Mummy

This is where the saga of the O’Connell family begins, namely Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) and adventurer Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser). Both will find themselves immersed in an adventure that pits them against the mummy of a cursed ancient Egyptian priest, Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), who is accidentally brought back to life by archaeologists. The mummy pursues the members of the expedition to Cairo to feed on them and thus accumulates magical powers more and more terrifying, to the point of threatening Egypt and the entire world. Among other things, Imhotep wants to use the book of Amon-Ra to bring back the soul of his lost love. But Imhotep is obviously defeated just before he can carry out his cruel designs. (the film takes place in 1926).

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#7 The Mummy: Valley of the Kings

The Mummy: Valley of the Kings is actually a comic in 3 parts, except that… We only know the content of the first episode since the publishing house went bankrupt just after the release of the first issue. However, what we do know is that the series was supposed to allow us to make the transition between The Mummy And The Return of the Mummy. Indeed, while Rick and Evelyn set out on the trail of a new magical artifact, the Orb of Destinya new supernatural threat stood in their way and this threat seemed indirectly linked to the famous Scorpion King.

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#8 The Mummy Returns

If you have just watched and followed the entire saga in chronological order without flinching, first of all, congratulations for your self-sacrifice. Afterwards, you will finally discover what happened to Mathayus, the hero of the saga, the Scorpion King. Indeed, during the prologue, we discover that Mathayus, in the year -3067 and now armed with the Fang of Anubis, has become a conquering king. Now called the Scorpion King, he tried in vain to take the City of Thebes with his gigantic army, but like himself, he once again suffered a terrible defeat and was once again no longer king of much.


Mathayus then makes a pact with the God Anubis. He then receives command of Anubis’ terrible army with which he defeats his enemies. But it is obviously a fool’s bargain and while he is about to make himself Master of Thebes, Mathayus has his soul stolen by Anubis in order to serve him for eternity.

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5000 years later, the evil Egyptian priest Imhotep is resurrected again and now seeks ways to regain the power and army of the Scorpion King in order to dominate the world. For their part, Rick and Evelyne are now married and have a young son. Together, the O’Connell family will stand in the way of Imhotep but also the Scorpion King to save the world (the film takes place in 1933).

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#9 The Mummy: The Animated Series

And yes, the mummy saga was entitled to its animated series. Very little disseminated and often forgotten, the series presents itself more or less as a sequel to Return of the Mummy. However, certain events sometimes create some inconsistencies within the films. Here, we follow the O’Connell family as they try to escape the High Priest Imhotep. This not really formidable adversary wants to get his hands on the Bracelet of Osiris found on the wrist of young Alex, the son of Rick and Evelyne. Their adventures will lead them to discover curses and artifacts spread across the four corners of the world. Imhotep makes regular appearances in the series and Alex is training to become a Medjaÿ, the warriors who dedicated their lives to fighting and preventing Imhotep’s return.

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#10 The Mummy Chronicles

These Chronicles of the Mummy are a series of children’s books in 4 volumes which constitute perfect sequences not only to the Return of the Mummy but also to the animated series, since thewe mainly follow the O’Connells’ son, Alex, who trains and undergoes intense training to become a Medjaÿ after the events of Return of the Mummy. For the anecdote Mathayus makes a final return in this series before disappearing for good (the series begins in July 1937 and runs until the beginning of 1938).

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#11 The Mummy Movie Prequel: The Rise & Fall of Xango’s Ax

This episode is this time a comic which allows us to explore the relationship between Rick O’Connell and his son Alex O’Connell. While in Burma, they discover an ancient jewel linked to the Burmese god of lightning, Xango. Obviously, Xango returns to earth and goes in search of his magical jewel which he wishes to take back in order to then be able to reign over the earth. The episode no longer refers to the fact that Alex wishes to become a Medjaÿ and above all allows an introduction to the last film in the O’Connell saga to date The Mummy : The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (May 2024).

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#12 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Here we are this time in 1946, Alex O’Connell became a young archaeologist who wants to make a name for himself while the O’Connell couple are more or less retirees living off their great fame. Here, the saga attempts a soft reboot. There is no longer any question of the Egyptian mummy, of Medjaÿ, of the evil priest Imhotep and even less of this poor scorpion king. In this episode, Alex discovers the tomb of an evil Chinese emperor who, once returned to life, wants to awaken his army of zombie/mummy warriors to… Dominate the world… Obviously… Of course, the O’Connells triumph again and even though the film ends with the promise of a sequel set in South America, the adventures of the O’Connells end here, but not those of this universe.

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#13 The Mummy (2017)

And yes, this reboot of the saga with Tom Cruise does indeed take place in the same universe as that of the O’Connells. The handover is very quick, but is very present in the film through the book of Amon-Râ. This important artifact from the saga is briefly visible for one scene. The presence of the Book of Amon-Ra thus allows this film to be seen as a sort of spin-off episode of the initial trilogy. Ironic for a film which aimed to be the starting point for a whole new universe extended around the monsters of Universal and which will ultimately never see the light of day: the Dark Universe.

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