George Miller really wants to direct a film, but not just any film

After Furiosa: A Mad Max saga, George Miller would love to be at the helm of a big film in the Marvel universe.

The MCU is not doing at its best, the year 2023 has been difficult for Marvel. The failure of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and the disaster The Marvelswhich is the biggest movie flop of last year crumbled the image of the Disney company among even the fans most attached to the connected universe. The crisis is such that Marvel has decided to change its strategy to better survive in the Hollywood landscape.

We must therefore win back the hearts of the public. If the task promises to be complex, the fact that a director of the caliber of George Miller is interested in one of the flagship characters of the superheroic universe should give hope to fans (and investors). The 79-year-old Australian is still in good shape, as evidenced by the first opinions on his Furiosa, and could, despite his great age, bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to the world headed by Kevin Feige. Moreover, Miller would not be entirely in unknown territory, given that he would not be against directing Thor 5.

Thor: Love and Engine

Thor: A Marvel Saga

In interview with as part of the promotional tour of Furiosa, the director returned to his relationship with Chris Hemsworth, who plays Dr. Dementus in the latest film in the Mad Max universe. When asked about a possible move to Marvel on the Thor saga, here is what Miller had to say:

“I’ll work with Chris on anything. He’s a fabulous actor. He has all the qualities needed. I mean, you have to be athletic, physically. But you also have to be emotionally and intellectually athletic to play these complex roles, and even, basically, any role I was very lucky with all my casting and particularly in the way Anya. [Taylor-Joy] and Chris complemented each other.”

Thor: Love and Thunder: photoThor: Love and Thunder already showed some of the weaknesses of the MCU

The lighthouse call to Kevin Feige is therefore made. Let’s hope that the latter has his ears open, because seeing the Thor saga under the control of George Miller would be enticing (even if we would prefer that Miller remained focused on the Mad Max universe). The tone of the franchise has already changed in the past, moving from the dark Shakespearean of Kenneth Branagh to the crazy colorful comedy of Taïka Waititi. So it wouldn’t be crazy to see the film series transform again under Miller’s watch. It would also be an effective way to keep some sort of freshness in the saga centered on the Norse god.

While we wait to see if this appetizing premise will ever come to fruition, Chris Hemsworth and George Miller are already collaborating on Furiosa: A Mad Max sagain theaters on May 22 in France.



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