the film timeline turned upside down by The Hunt for Gollum

In the early 2000s, film adaptations of Lord of the Rings have marked the history of the 7th art and the hearts of all fantasy lovers. A film called The Hunt for Gollum was announced recently and the latter may well shake up the timeline as fans of the films know it.

Gollum will set the record straight

“It all began when the great rings were forged…”

… Everyone knows this quote and it is on these words of Galadriel that the spectator of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring begins his journey to Middle-earth. What follows in the story is Bilbo’s birthday and the passing of the Ring to Frodo, before Gandalf leaves to do research in the south at Minas Tirith, where he discovers that his fears were well founded and that the ring that the young hobbit possesses is indeed that of Sauron. He then returns to the Shire and urges the new Ringbearer to leave his home and embark on the quest we all know. In this first film, these events seem to take place over a few days, or a few weeks at most. Which is in no way the case in JRR Tolkien’s novel.


In the literary masterpiece The Fellowship of the Ring written in 1954, no less than 17 years pass between the reception organized by Bilbo Baggins for his 111th birthday and the return of Gandalf, where the latter announces the terrible news to Frodo. A much longer period of time than in the film adaptation, during which Aragorn’s entire hunt for Gollum takes place, events which will precisely be the narrative thread of the film The Hunt for Gollum. This new production by Peter Jackson will therefore shake up the timeline that he put in place 23 years ago.

This is a welcome change for all readers of JRR Tolkien’s novels, but one that will disconcert a large part of the public who have only ever seen the New Zealand director’s films. These events around Gollum and his adventures east of the Misty Mountains had already had a medium-length adaptation of the same name and viewable on Youtube, from fans of Middle Earth in 2009, whose quality for a amateur work had been praised by the public, as well as by the press. The new adaptation of this story directed by Andy Serkis will undoubtedly be much more grandiose and we can’t wait to discover it, even if it will confuse a certain number of fans with its revision of the timeline of the films of the Lord of the Rings.


Tell us in the comments if you already knew the real temporality of these events and while waiting for the release of The Hunt for Gollumdiscover the 6 reasons why we are waiting The Rohirrim War.

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