discover 3 filming secrets

discover 3 filming secrets
discover 3 filming secrets

Certain films have left their mark on the history of the seventh art. The production of a feature film, however, relies on a fragile balance that is often unknown to the general public. From casting to script choices, through enmities or moments of grace, the destiny of a nugget could sometimes have been very different. Here are 3 filming secrets on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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In this feature film, our heroes find themselves in the third year at Hogwarts school. They will have a lot to do, because Sirius Black, a formidable criminal wizard, has managed to escape from Azkaban prison with the idea of ​​finding Harry Potter.

The cast prepared in a special way

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, the three stars of the saga, had to work hard before filming even started. The filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón insisted that they write long texts about their characters.

Emma Watson was the most serious, devoting 16 pages to it. Daniel Radcliffe wrote only one page, while Rupert Grint did not respect this instruction. According to the latter, this corresponds precisely to the psychology of his character.

An unfortunate incident has occurred

Everyone remembers Hermione’s punch to Malfoy. Except that this remarkable gesture was absolutely not planned. Tom Felton, who plays the latter on screen, remarked:

She’s got a nasty right hook, that girl. Let’s test it now. Give me a slap and try to work on it’, meaning give me a slap on the screen, a fake slap. But she actually slapped me pretty hard, and I left with impaired hearing and my tail between my legs.

Alfonso Cuarón had to take it upon himself during filming

The director of this feature film was renowned for his foul language on the sets. So much so that a clause in his contract even stipulated that he was not to swear during filming involving children.

He later explained: “I had to restrict my language in English, but I would say things in Spanish. In fact, they learned quite a few swear words in Spanish. (…) It was the only drawback of our relationship: they could swear and I couldn’t!”

It’s all for this week. Did you enjoy this feature film when it was released in theaters or did you discover it late? Don’t hesitate to remind us of your memories in the comments. If you liked the article, you can always find the previous part of this section here.

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