One Day Without End, Edge of Tomorrow, Triangle…

Like a Monday confirms it once again: the time loop has become a genre in itself. The proof in 10 (good) films.

It started out as a fun story idea: take a character and put them through the same day over and over again. In recent years, it has become a genre in its own right. So much so that it finally had, like the slasher or the redneck movie before it, the right to its post-modern aspect, namely Like a Mondayin theaters May 8, 2024. Ryo Takebayashi’s film explicitly cites One Day Without End, coming full circle.

Before him, many films were written on the same principle, some of them brilliantly. We return in chronological order to 10 films that trap their protagonists in hellish cyclesfrom intergalactic war to cozy rooms in a Japanese hotel.


We take the same and start again

A day without end

  • Released: 1993
  • Duration: 1h41

A Day Without End: Photo Bill Murray, Andie MacDowellI have two moods

He is the master standard of the genre, the one from whom they all draw inspiration. The ambition of A day without end ? Become the ultimate romantic comedy, even if it means distorting space-time itself. Phil Connors (Bill Murray), a cynical and dismissive journalist, will have to relive the same day over and over again, until he manages to meet Rita’s (Andie MacDowell) standards (higher than expected). The famous Groundhog Day – a particularly rotten day – will gain in interest, as Phil learns to hate, then to love this little bubble of innocence.



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