28 Years Later release date finally revealed by Sony

Last month, we shared this announcement with you regarding the casting of 28 years later while a starHarry Potter and another from the Spider-Verse joined the project, with many fans eager to witness the return of this now cult franchise among zombie fans. A return which has recently become clearer, since Sony Pictures has finally given news concerning the release date of the film.

28 Years Later release date

Horror movie aficionados were ecstatic when they learned that the duo Danny Boyle and Alex Garland were back for the continuation of this post-apocalyptic sagalaunched in 2002 with 28 Days Later. Because since the second part of 2007, entitled 28 Weeks Latermany fans were hoping for a sequel.

And it seems that their prayers have been answered, since the franchise will finally return to the forefront with a brand new film, titled 28 years later (Or 28 Years Later in original version), and which should even pave the way for a trilogy.

A new feature film which recently gave news, with Sony Pictures finally revealing its release date. As reported by Variety, 28 years later East expected for June 20, 2025.


28 years later marks the return of not only Boyle and Garland, but also that of Cillian Murphy, the star of the 2002 film. Note, however, that the British actor only joined the project as executive producerand there are currently no plans for him to star in the film.

As for the casting, we discovered a few weeks ago that Jodie Comer was going to be part of the project, thus confirming the rumors that were already circulating about her. The star of Killing Eve will stand alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ralph Fiennes, as mentioned at the beginning of the article. Even more recently, it was Jack O’Connell who was announced, the public having been able to discover this other British actor in the series Skinsor in the film Invincible (2014) and Ferrari (2023).

We do not have any further details regarding the plot of 28 years laterexcept that it is Garland who once again takes care of the scenario. The film should be the first part of a trilogywith Nia DaCosta, known for Candyman (2021) and The Marvels (2023), which would be in discussions to produce the second opus.

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