Only someone who has seen the Back to the Future saga 10 times will get a 5/5 on this quiz.

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May 8, 2024

8:00 p.m.
By Alexis Savona

Back to the future is a saga that rocked your youth? Prove that you know this trilogy by heart by getting a perfect score on our quiz on the cult films of Robert Zemeckis.

In the first film, what does Marty say to his mother when he wakes up next to her in 1955?

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He tells him ” you are so… thin! ».

Still in the first Back to the Future, which American actor does Doc mention as Minister of Defense in 1985?

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When Marty tells him that he is from the future and that Ronald Reagan is president in 1985, he hilariously says that John Wayne is Secretary of Defense.

What is the clothing fashion among young people in 2015, in Back to the Future 2?

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Doc tells Marty to turn his pants pockets inside out because in the future, all the kids wear their pants inside out!

What insult does Marty absolutely not tolerate?

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He can’t stand being called a wimp!

In Back to the Future 3, what color is the smoke from the locomotive when it exceeds 40 miles per hour?

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Your favorite saga

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We had no doubt, but it is now official: Back to the future is your favorite saga. You’ve seen the trilogy a dozen times and no film escapes you. Come on, to celebrate this flawless performance, how about seeing her again?

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