Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom

Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom is expected this Wednesday, May 8 in theaters. A new opus which will take place years after the previous trilogy led by Caesar. However, as comedian Peter Macon explains, The New Kingdom will obviously have direct connections with the previous films.

The new kingdom : an ellipse of several years

From Planet of the Apes origins, in 2011, licensing has largely come back into fashion. This first film, directed by Rupert Wyatt, launched a brand new saga centered on the character of Caesar, a particularly intelligent monkey destined to become the messiah of an entire people. At the time, the film was a popular success, although critics were still a little reluctant.

Then, in 2014 and 2017, the filmmaker Matt Reeves carries out two new sections: The Confrontation And Supremacy . Still centered on Caesar, these two new adventures tell the story after the uprising. The apes have rebelled, and are gradually beginning to take control of the planet. Two superb opuses which greatly appealed to the press and spectators alike. Two films considered to be little masterpieces of the kind. In total, the trilogy grossed more than 1.6 billion of dollars recipes around the world.


Waited for this Wednesday May 8, 2024 in dark rooms, Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom will take place a few years after the Caesar trilogy. Produced by Wes Ball, the plot takes place several years after the reign of Caesar. Apes have definitively taken power while human beings have regressed into the wild. A young monkey will undertake a perilous and initiatory journey which will push him to question his heritage and his future.

Connections with Caesar

Even if The New Kingdom takes place decades after the trilogy launched in 2011, the feature film Wes Ball will obviously have connections with the adventure of Caesar. In fact, the actor Peter Maconwho plays the monkey Raka In The New Kingdomrevealed at the microphone of ComicBook that Wes Ball’s film will obviously have connections to Caesar and his legacy:

Caesar brought so many important and useful things to the other films. He brought a profound legacy. “Monkeys don’t kill other monkeys, monkeys are stronger together, monkeys and men live side by side.” The idea of ​​the film is that fables and stories survive better than the truth. The truth tends to change from generation to generation. So for many generations, Caesar’s legacy has been very present. My character, Raka, is very knowledgeable about Caesar’s past actions and the legacy he left behind. What has survived, his manifesto, his philosophy. Raka is an archaeologist, a historian, who digs up human artifacts, and different elements of their shared past with humans. It presents a very different vision of the world from that of Proximus. Proximus is aware that there are many clans, but Noa is not. The latter must therefore learn to understand the world while knowing himself better. No one really knows the truth about their past. They are in the process of putting it together. In any case, we were careful to verify and respect the past of César and the license. And I think that’s one of the best things about the film. This writing which allows spectators to search for elements of the past.

At any rate, Planet of the Apes: The New Kingdom will take viewers to new horizons. The feature film should logically be the first segment of a brand new trilogy. On the casting side, this fourth part will notably bring together Freya Allan, William H. Macy and Kevin Durand.



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