the release of the film is postponed (again) and it’s the director who says it

the release of the film is postponed (again) and it’s the director who says it
the release of the film is postponed (again) and it’s the director who says it

According to the director of Fast and Furious 11the release of the last film in the saga is still postponed and we will have to wait quite a while.

After the enormous success of Fast X (more than 700 million dollars in worldwide box office revenue), we obviously knew that we would be entitled to yet another sequel to the adventures of the Toretto gang, especially since the story is (still) not finished. And while Vin Diesel announced that Fast and Furious 11 would be much stronger than the 10, the film was scheduled for release around April 2025.

However, Louis Leterrier, director of Fast X and its sequel Fast and Furious 11, recently explained that the finale of the saga was postponed. Enough to force us to wait a little longer before being able to find our beautiful group of drivers.

Fast and furious 11, it’s not for now

Louis Leterrier revealed during the Comic Con Experience in Mexico which was held from May 3 to 5 that the last film in the franchise Fast and Furious was still pushed back:

“It’s happening. It’s happening very, very soon. I’m going to be able to shoot a little horror film this summer. I finish my horror film on September 15 and I start Fast on September 16 […]. Filming is early next year and it will be released in 2026, which will be exactly 25 years to the day after the first one came out.”

Dominic Tonrétro:

As a reminder, the first Fast and Furious was released on June 22, 2001 in the United States, Fast and Furious 11 should therefore arrive around the same time of year. Leterrier also confirmed that the finale of the saga would take place in Los Angeles, like the first part, allowing this story to end where it all began:

“That’s exactly it. That’s what we want to do. We want to bring her home and still have a great journey to tell.”

Concerning the scenario, we do not yet know precisely what will happen, but the film should logically resume just after the events of Fast X to tell us the end of the confrontation between Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa).



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