the replica of this “Star Wars” ship will take you to the dark side

Vou are a fan of Star Wars ? So you need to know what May 4 represents. For the uninitiated, it’s Star Wars Day, a day in which fans celebrate the universe created by George Lucas. This date was not chosen at random, since in English, May 4 translates as “ May the fourth “, which brings us back to the cult line from the saga ” May the Force be with you » (“May the Force be with you”), and therefore to the play on words “ May the 4th be with you “.

Lego is taking advantage of this special day, and the 25 years of its partnership with Star Warsto release a new version of the TIE Interceptor, one of the spaceships of the evil Galactic Empire seen for the first time in Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, during the Battle of Endor. On the program: 1,931 pieces to assemble. Child’s play for you, budding mechanics, even if the set is reserved for an adult audience.

Patience and delicacy

Assembly begins with the cockpit, made up of a whole bunch of small bricks to decorate using stickers provided by Lego. In the shape of a ball, it is full of details and new parts, such as the ship’s canopy, which benefits from pretty printed elements, and the circular airlock door, which can easily be lifted to access the cockpit.

– Credit: © LEGO

The TIE Interceptor is a set of choice for fans of the universe Star Wars. © LEGO

We must then tackle the two gigantic wings, themselves divided in two […] Read more



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