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Like every year, the license Star Wars is on everyone’s lips this May 4, 2024. This unofficial celebration of the saga of George Lucas, in reference to the play on words in English “May the Force / May the 4th”, is an opportunity for fans to rewatch their favorite films, play games inspired by the galaxy far, far away or simply delve into the works published over the years under the aegis of Lucasfilm. It’s also a golden opportunity to dive back into the program for the next few years in cinemas and on Disney+. Billionaire license, which is at the top of sales of derivative products, Star Wars is one of those stamps that matter to Disney. The firm therefore does not intend to let it sleep for very long, the awakening is coming soon at the cinema. In the meantime, it is on the small screen that the journey continues alongside old and new protagonists. here is list of expected series and films for the next years.

Quantity of series on Disney+

Since its launch, Disney+ has been the go-to destination for everything related to the Skywalker family, the Mandalorian and the Empire. In November 2019, the platform could already count on a rich catalog of (almost) all productions born since 1977 in cinema, television and DVD. The introduction of this new competitor to Netflix was also marked by the debut of The Mandalorianfirst live-action series stamped Star Wars. Since then, the company has increased its forays into the universe with Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi or more recently Ahsoka. Things are not going to stop there, many other series and seasons are in development or about to invade our screens.

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire from May 4 on Disney+

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After the anthology Tales of the Jedi, Disney+ is interested in the dark side of the force. Under the leadership of Dave Filoni, the series will tell the story of several emblematic antagonists such as Morgan Elsbeth, well known to viewers ofAhsoka. The story will also focus on Bariss Offee, a Jedi who tries to survive in a changing galaxy and who could well fall to the dark side. All episodes are now available.

Star Wars: The Acolyte in June on Disney+

From June 4, Star Wars will open a new chapter in its history. After traveling through the Skywalker period, the license ventures into the distant past to tell the story of the High Republic alongside new protagonists. Two centuries before the events of The Phantom Menace the galaxy is experiencing an unprecedented period of peace. Under the leadership of Chancellor Lina Soh, the Galactic Republic expands into the Outer Rim. The Acolyte will follow a Jedi who finds her former Master to investigate a series of crimes that shakes the galaxy. The powers that the characters face turn out to be more formidable than expected. The High Republic is living its final hours and our heroes are preparing to make history.

Skeleton Crew coming soon to Disney+

Long-term project, passed through the hands of Christopher Ford, Skeleton Crew is one of the most anticipated series of this new vintage. It must be said that Disney did not deny itself anything by convening Jude Law to play the main character. In live action, the new Star Wars will tell the story of four lost children in the immensity of the galaxy and who must by all means find the path that will take them home. Its release date remains a mystery, as do the first images which have not yet been shared.

The returning series

  • Andor season 2 – in 2025
  • Ahsoka season 2 – coming soon
  • The Mandalorian season 4 – coming soon

New films for the cinema

After The Rise of Skywalker — a real hit at the cinema, but largely disowned by early fans — Star Wars took a well-deserved break in theaters. It must be said that the saga concluded a crucial narrative arc, that of the fight of good against evil embodied by the Skywalker and Palpatine families. Since then, many projects have been announced, but none have seen the light of day. Films developed by Kevin Feige, the creators of Game Of Thrones or even Taika Waititi have no longer given their news while the Star Wars Celebration of 2023 was an opportunity for Lucasfilm to formalize three pivotal projects.

Star Wars: New Jedi Order coming soon

Credits: Disney / Lucasfilm

After the events of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey returns to the forefront. The character played by Daisy Ridley is at the epicenter of a film directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and written by Steven Knight. In the cinema, it will be about telling the birth of a New Jedi Order alongside one of these latter representatives. Without his guides Leia and Luke, Rey will have to find new disciplesRto ensure the maintenance of peace in the galaxy far, far away.

The Mandalorian & Grogu on May 26, 2026

Credits: Disney+

To end his characters’ journey in style, Jon Favreau refuses nothing. The director will devote a footage to Din Djarin and Grogu and their cronies. If we don’t know much about the project yet, Lucasfilm presented this film as a conclusion to the series that began in 2019 on Disney+. This will undoubtedly echo the fourth season, promised to be released soon. We can also expect that all the series evolving during the same period will be cited. This therefore applies to Ahsoka And The Book of Boba Fett. A big villain is emerging, this could be an opportunity to see Grand Admiral Thrawn on the big screen.

Star Wars James Mangold’s Untitled Movie coming soon

After Indiana Jones And X-MenJames Mangold is about to take over the universe Star Wars. The director of Logan will be directing a film evolving at the High Republic period. Officialized during the last Star Wars Celebration, the project is particularly mysterious. No actor is yet attached to this film which also does not have a release date. We can nevertheless hope that the coming months will be an opportunity to learn more on the issue.

Projects on standby or canceled

If Lucasfilm has only made three films official, other projects have been announced over the years. Most of them could have been canceled in the meantime, however, they are regularly cited by rumors or even sometimes mentioned by the actors expected to play the main roles. Here is the list of films that have yet to release their news.

  • Taika Waititi film (rumored to be in development)
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (canceled then back in development)
  • Film by David Benioff and DB Weiss (cancelled)
  • Star Wars: Lando (on hold)
  • Rian Johnson trilogy (undetermined)
  • Kevin Feige film (canceled)



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