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What if you created a canvas as a family? Here are 6 films to see with children in May classified by release date and age.

Want a family cinema? Here are the feature films to see in theaters in May with children classified by release date and age advice to help you find your way around.

And for films released in April, it’s here!

Blue & Company – From 6 years old


Blue & Company

Released May 8 – What if your imaginary friends were real? This is the premise of the film by John Krasinski (The office, Without a sound) Blue & Company which mixes real shots and computer-generated images.

Bea (Cailey Fleming), a young girl, one day discovers that she can see everyone’s imaginary friends. Then begins a magical adventure to reconnect each child with their forgotten imaginary friend. She will be supported by Cal, her neighbor played by Ryan Reynolds.

This is the first film visible to young audiences directed by the actor and director. He explains to our microphone that he wanted to make a film that his children could see and that the story of Blue & Company came to him during the Covid-19 pandemic, by seeing his children play and invent a world to protect yourself from the outside.

A funny and moving feature film that will appeal to children as much as it will speak to parents.

Super lion – From 6 years old


Super Leo

Released May 8 – Prolific Norwegian director Rasmus A. Sivertsen – already at work on Snow for Christmas, The Great Cheese Race and A Trip to the Moon – is back with Super Lion, which he co-directed Jean-Luc Julian.

The feature film follows 11-year-old Evie, an unusual little girl. She juggles school, her friends, and her passion for video games. Quiet ! She has an incredible secret: her dad is Super Lion, the coolest superhero in the universe… It will soon be her turn to show off her powers and dive into the craziest adventure of her life. Get ready, Super Evie is coming!

This colorful adventure about transmission and the need to unite conveys a message of self-confidence. The little girl’s passion for video games will ultimately prove useful and allow her to become a confident young girl who has confidence in herself.

The film also shows how a child manages to cope with the expectations, sometimes too high, of his parents.

The 4 souls of the coyote – From 9 years old


The 4 souls of the coyote

Released May 15 – Jury Prize at the last Annecy Animated Film Festival, The 4 Souls of the Coyote is an ecological fable that revisits Native American mythology. In the latter, the coyote is particularly associated with the transition from life to death.

Áron Gauder’s feature film follows Native American activists opposed to an oil pipeline project on their ancestral territory. In the evening around the fire, they gather near their Grandfather who tells them the story of Creation. The tale reminds everyone of Man’s place on Earth and his role in the destruction of nature.

Inspired by a real event (the story of Standing Rock), this film with traditional graphics (frame-by-frame animation) which required 8 years of work can be seen from 9 years old.

Mystery on Cake Hill – Ages 6 and up

Qvisten Animation AS

Mystery on Cake Hill

Released May 22 – After Cake Hill released in 2019, the little cow Clara is back in the animated film Mystery on Cake Hill.

This Norwegian film from Qvisten Animation studios (A Trip to the Moon) takes children on an investigation worthy of Agatha Christie.

The Cake Hill farm is in crisis, no crops are growing… Fortunately, Albert, a famous inventor from the region, has developed a revolutionary nano-seed that can solve the problem. During the trip to present his invention aboard his high-tech laboratory train, his priceless seed is stolen. The thief is among them! Clara and Gavin will join forces with the famous detective Agatha Christensen to unmask the culprit and ensure the future of Cake Hill.

A film for budding detectives.

The Adventures of Zak and Crysta in the FernGully Rainforest – Ages 6 and up

Splendor Films

The Adventures of Zak and Crysta in the Rainforest

Released May 29 – 31 years after its theatrical release, Bill Kroyer’s animated film, The Adventures of Zak and Crysta in the FernGully Rainforest, is returning to theaters. The opportunity for young spectators of the time to introduce their children to this classic at the cinema.

This musical tale (whose title “Some Other World” is composed and performed by Elton John), takes place in the forest of FernGully. Crysta, a little fairy, learns magic and the protection of nature. One day, she helplessly witnesses the massacre of trees by loggers but, thanks to her powers, she saves a young worker: Zak. Alongside Crysta and her people, Zak will then discover the wonders of FernGully.

The film conveys an ecological message and talks about the importance of preserving nature, a fairly rare subject in animated films of the 90s.

Adam changes slowly – From 12 years old


Adam is slowly changing

Released May 29 – Presented in the Contrechamp section of the last Annecy Animated Film Festival, Adam Changes Slowly is the first feature film by Joël Vaudreuil.

The film – which is aimed at an older audience – follows Adam, 15, whose body changes according to the mockery and comments of those around him. Not ideal for a complex teenager…

This film with a graphic universe inspired by Beavis & Butt-head and Son of Satan, evokes the themes of adolescence, a period of great upheaval, harassment, complexes and the impact of words and especially mockery. To see from 12 years old.



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