The film Promise is committed to life

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Dear readers,

Here is news from the adventure film Promesse, the Catholic production friend of Salon Beige.

First good news: thanks to the finalization of the film prototype and the completion of a first script, we have reached the level required to hire a successful screenwriter. By success, we mean an author of films accomplished artistically, morally and acclaimed by a global audience. The rewrite will last approximately seven months.

Thanks to the quality and reputation of this screenwriter, we will be able to attract an actor also of international renown. Once this writer and actor are involved, we’re almost guaranteed a production studio and distributor will come on board. So, everything now depends on our ability to hire the screenwriter.

What is Promise? He’s a Catholic Indiana Jones.

– Max is 15 years old and lives in Louisiana. Influenced by a father obsessed with psychology, he lost his faith. Around the megacity of New Orleans, the waters of the marsh rise curiously. Max’s friends get lost in their screens. Deep in the jungle, a sorcerer concocts a ritual. One object is missing, the most famous crown in Mississippi, that of Our Lady of Prompt Help. Max’s grandfather hid him in the Alps and then vanished. In the sanctuary where the crown was, a stained glass window shows a woman beaming into the sky.-

Second good news: Three weeks ago, I decided to integrate half a dozen scenes with a pro-life theme into the script. I know I’m taking risks, but I can’t remain passive.

Very quickly, I informed pro-life friends in France and America to cooperate. Will I tackle the subject head on? No. A film is a story and not a documentary.

A day after I sent my email, the pro-life leader of St. Dominic Parish in Lakeview spread the request throughout the archdiocese.

Two days later, a certain Monika calls. She read it and said to herself that, indeed, a mainstream film would allow her misadventure to warn thousands of other women. The film will receive from our conversations the diamonds in the rough that all screenwriters look for: brilliant expressions of realism that come from people caught on the spot / in real life.

Monika, relates the lack of education on the subject, from families, schools or parishes (see the training offered by Vita in France – She reports the cowardice of good people who are afraid to tell the truth. “I was just waiting for one thing: for them to tell me why it wasn’t good…”. She talks about the sudden loneliness at 19, and the tragic act that followed (“I still ended a life”). Severe depression for 20 years… The birth of two other beautiful children, therapy, the sacraments, a Good God who understands and forgives, finally healing. Today, Monika is radiant. She takes care of abandoned teenagers.

That same evening, I sketched out the first 4 scenes.

5 days later, the CEO of two pro-life clinics (Woman’s New Life Clinic responds and enthusiastically invites me to Mass in their chapel. Allison is a scientist and mother of 4 children. Around a coffee, we enrich the scenes with 2 social workers. While one speaks, Allison recommends me by text message to the bishop of the capital. The more successful the film, the more successful its clinics will be, and the more mothers and children will be saved.

– Every morning, Max watches Ada walk to school with her friends. Then it’s with a boy. Then she walks alone. At the ice cream parlor, Max hears the end of a discussion with his mother: “… your choice, my darling”. Ada stays behind, with tears in her eyes. The next day, she comes to find Max’s mother. Both will work. In the distance, Sophie hugs Ada enthusiastically: “I’ll be there for you no matter what.” –

Day 10. Meanwhile, in Paris, the heroic Salon Beige immediately accepts the publication of this post.

30 days later, in Los Angeles, the Hollywood online rosary also jumped at the opportunity. He suggested that I talk to his network about our scenes. There are a hundred actresses, composers and marketers who pray for the conversion of Hollywood. In two weeks, the priest best known for defending children will speak to the network. I will be given 5 minutes to present our scenes. It is certain that I will be asked what financial resources the film will need. For Salon Beige readers interested in participating (in English) write to me at: [email protected].

Today. The pro-life snowball continues to grow, as do the scenes. Promise also has a supernatural angle.

– We no longer hear from Ada. Max and his friends in the Alps will face the wizard. They realize that the crown is similar to that of the saints in heaven and perhaps theirs one day, after the race of this life on earth (Saint Paul). In the sanctuary where the crown was, the woman in heaven is going to give birth. A Dragon is lying in wait. But the woman crushes his head with her heel. Max returns with the treasure. On the fridge at home, he finds an announcement: “Dear Sophie, The baby has been born. His name is Jacob. We thank you with all our hearts! – Adah” –

To be part of the production of Promise or other Christian films:

1. Train in a Catholic spirit to be a film actor:

2. If you are a pro-life association with intense contact with the women or men concerned, contact us to participate in the writing of our pro-life scenes.

3. Become an official benefactor of Promesse: €80,000 is necessary for the salary of the main screenwriter and a second writer over 7 months.

4. Support the director: even €50 will make a big difference.

Daniel Rabourdin

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