“Limited State” by Nicolas Peduzzi, an ethical documentary on the psychiatric hospital

“Limited State” by Nicolas Peduzzi, an ethical documentary on the psychiatric hospital
“Limited State” by Nicolas Peduzzi, an ethical documentary on the psychiatric hospital

On the menu today, two films about suffering, trauma and how to cope with it.

“Limit state” by Nicolas Peduzzi

In theaters May 1
A France Culture partnership

Beaujon Hospital, Clichy.
In defiance of the imperatives of performance and the lack of resources which are eating away at the public hospital, Jamal Abdel Kader, the establishment’s only psychiatrist, strives to give his patients the humanity they are denied.
But how to provide good care in a sick institution?

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“Limit state” by Nicolas Peduzzi, 2024
– The Alchemists Films

Critics’ opinion:

  • Murielle Joudet appreciate that “the film tells what needs to be said about the psychiatric hospital” where the usual angle of filmmakers on the hospital or school usually seems to him “obscene”, because it masks the lack of resources. Here, “It’s a documentary that’s a rage”.
    She became attached to Doctor Jamal Abdel Kader, a character “exceptional and neurotic” which also reveals patients and other caregivers without shielding them.
    Murielle Joudet greets “ethics” of the documentarian in this film.
  • Antoine Leiris find it interesting “the polysemy of the title”, which evokes the limit state of the hospital, of psychiatry, but also of patients and society.
    He also appreciates that this film questions what he is filming, by showing a caregiver who reflects on his profession, on what psychiatry is supposed to allow or on the power of listening.

“Shadow of Fire” by Shin’ya Tsukamoto

In theaters May 1
Winner of the Jury Prize at CPH:DOX 2023 and presented at ACID Cannes 2023

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Japan struggled to get back on its feet and heal its wounds.
The sole survivor of her family, a young woman spends her time locked up in the dilapidated bar that serves as her refuge, waiting for a customer.
One day, she sees a little thieving orphan and a young demobilized soldier arrive.
Between this atypical trio, a semblance of family life begins to take hold.
Alas, the traumas of war will quickly destroy this fleeting happiness…

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“The Shadow of Fire” by Shin’ya Tsukamoto, 2024
– Carlotta Films

Critics’ opinion:

  • Murielle Joudet little appreciates the ambiguity of this film which resembles a re-release and whose project carries something of “outdated”.
    She deplores that the point of view on the war given in this film is not “located”.
    She also finds “weird” to make a brutal film, which brings the violence of war into the shot, “but where there is no reality”.
  • Antoine Leiris finds the way this film treats the history of Japan after World War II fascinating, “it’s the story of an attacker attacked”.
    He also finds what this film tells interesting “of a Japan locked in on itself”.
    He was overwhelmed by the last scene, which ends with a little boy embodying the future.

Sound clips:

  • Excerpt from the film’s soundtrack Limit state by Nicolas Peduzzi
  • Movie trailer The Shadow of Fire by Shin’ya Tsukamoto


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